Haters Gonna Hate: Teaching Children How to Handle It

Written by Stephanie Siam

Originally published 1 year ago … sadly, relevant now more than ever. 

Our children are suffering. They may not say anything, or they may say a lot. But they hear the news. They see the headlines. They catch the sideways glares in public. But they don’t understand. They don’t comprehend why:

“Why did the store clerk watch me while I walked around the gas station?”

“Why does the airport security always stop Mom when we go on a trip?”

“Why doesn’t Donald Trump want me in my own country?”

Teaching Children how to handle hate

The knee-jerk reaction is to explain it all away by saying, “They’re wrong. They’re misinformed.” But that’s not good enough. It doesn’t get to the core of the issue.

And the core of the issue is hate. Hate bred by fear. Hate bred by violence. Hate bred by the need to be included in “us” vs. “them”.

Everywhere we turn these days, we’re bombarded with tirades of hate. Each news article is heavy-laden with comments that induce indigestion, made by people who have one thing on their mind: “us vs. them”.

It has become an almost daily exercise in patience and creativity for many Muslims. Should I wear this outside? Should I go to this place alone? Should I stop for gas in this neighborhood? Can I get a job? Will I find housing?

But even if we can’t change the reality of the way things are, we can strive to teach our children how to better deal with the world around them. And to do this, we have to start a “conversation”: the word that sends shivers down the spines of parents with kids of all ages. But it doesn’t have to be fear-inducing.

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Are We Guilty of Racializing Islam?

Written by Theresa Corbin

Originally published on Al Jumuah.

You will never be like them, no matter how hard you try. So a relative told me soon after I converted to Islam, thinking my conversion was an attempt to become an Arab.

You know you won’t go to heaven. So a heritage Muslim wrote in an email to me, saying that because I am white that Jannah is not open to me.

Go back to your country. So a passerby shouts as I cross a street which generations of my family have crossed before me. Memes splashed across the internet extol the “hilarious differences” between Muslims and white people.

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The Sharia Creep


Written by Theresa Corbin

I wrote what follows almost 2.5 years ago. Today, it is still relevant because apparently some of us in the US believe in Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, a Sharia take over, and other made-up things.

It is still relevant because tomorrow, July 29th, an anti-sharia march will take place in the city I was raised in and around–New Orleans, La. 

I will not be a part of any counter rally/march because when ignorant people protest something that isn’t actually a threat, a counter protest is kind of useless, a counter protest would only affirm their delusions.

Instead, today, I am re-posting some reality about the fictitious Sharia creep or take over of the US. Please pass it along so more people can overcome this mass delirium gripping the US.  

Can a Sharia creep? Is their a creep(er) named Sharia? Is the Sharia creep a newfangled dance the kids are doing? No, it is just the way some people lose their minds to unfounded fear and hype.

I guess I am pretty late to the Sharia debate, or farce, really. But I thought that the American people would snap their brains back into their heads and just laugh off fearmongers, extremist nutters, and media personality with big mouths and little credibility.

I guess I just believed in the American people, believed that my fellow citizens’ logic would override emotional pleas to believe in the boogeyman.

This seems really familiar
This seems really familiar

And while many, many of my fellow Americans have made me proud and dismissed the rhetoric. Still a few have been thoroughly caught up in the anti-Sharia frenzy and have been pretty loud about it.

The debate is interesting to watch. Most amusing are the baseless accusations Islamophobes fling while trying to “educate” the American people about the alleged take over of Sharia law.

But they fail to 1. say what Sharia is, 2. say how exactly it will “take over”, and  3. explain how religious laws (Christian, Jewish, and Islamic, etc.) have always been taken into account by courts within the frame work of the constitution.

Well, let’s talk about it.

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Dog (kalb)

written by Theresa Corbin

Mona Haydar dropped her new rap “Dog”. It’s about (some) Muslim men and their double standards. And people are freaking out. Anndddd I am so much loving and drinking in the sweet, sweet irony. It is glorious!

It’s a rap about how so many “Muslim” men are straight up dogs and have serious double standards. And people are freaking out because a sister, who is wearing hijab, is telling men to remember God. … because music? makeup? idk. SMH! Details w/ dif of opinions in mainstream schools of thought.

She doesn’t curse once (I guarantee you if this was my rap, it would need a parental advisory label). She never twerked. Never threatened harm. She just told the truth in a library, and at a carnival (how many Muslim male rappers have videos set “up in da club” or while getting a lap dance?).

She rapped, which is basically angry talking. And she rapped about actual, real life men doing disgusting, damaging, without difference of opinion, real haram (forbidden).

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The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book (Improved Edition!)

The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book: a tool for dawah, de-stress, & deen

The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book is 130 pages of awesome

available now on Djarabi KitabsAmazonAmazon UK, & Createspace.

About the Book:

In late 2015, my helper monkey whispered an idea in my ear. From this idea-seed, the first edition of The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book grew. And I–Theresa A. Corbin, queen islamwich bee–self-published The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book in early 2016 in an attempt to help non-Muslims understand a bit about Islam and to combat the rising tide of stress in the modern Muslim’s life. 

By late summer of 2016, I was approached by Papatia Feauxzar, Founder & President of Djarabi Kitabs Publishing. She wanted to know if I would be interested in publishing a second edition of The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book with Djarabi Kitabs.

I jumped at the chance to be a part of her amazing publishing house. Papatia made quick work of finding the very talented Naafi Nur Rohma to rework the images and make them even sharper and, honestly, better than I could have ever imaged.

Things went really quickly from there and we have published the new and improved version a little over a year after the first edition was published.

Why coloring?

Much research has been done on the concept of the adult coloring book as a form of art therapy. The results of these studies show that coloring for adults can benefit individuals suffering anything from cancer to stress.

Adding a spiritual/Islamic component makes this kind of art therapy beneficial in both this world and the hereafter.

The pages of The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book include detailed mosque architecture, calligraphy, tessellation, hadith (prophetic traditions), dua (supplication), Quranic verses, and quotes for Muslims to reflect on, to take time out of their rushed and hectic lives to recenter, refocus, and let their minds recharge, de-stress, and cultivate sabr (patience).

even cats love it!

In addition, each coloring page has a corresponding descriptive page for the non-Muslim colorer who wants to learn a bit about Islam free from myth or judgment all while relaxing. 

Is it just for adults?

It is called The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book because the designs are intricate works that the adult colorer will find both challenging and soothing.

But kids will certainly enjoy the book as well. Often older kids enjoy coloring books as much as the next guy, but obvs don’t want to use coloring books meant for young children. They are just not complex enough for them. So The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book is more suited to them as well. 

The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book is available on Djarabi Kitabs, Amazon, Amazon UK, & Createspace. It makes a great gift for anyone and everyone!

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Halal Lucky Charms and the Cereal Experiment

Written and Test Kitchen-ed by Theresa Corbin

Yes! I did. I discovered a Lucky Charms marshmallow recipe. But it didn’t work, like AT ALL. Then I found another. And that was an even worse disaster (for all of those who are confused, Lucky Charms marshmallows have pork gelatin in them. Don’t know what halal is? It’s all good. Just click here.)

Halaly Charms


But after a few very messy attempts and a lot of stubbornness that I will call patience, I reverse engineered my very own recipe of the illusive Lucky Charms marshmallow– and I call it HALALY CHARMS!! And it is glorious!

What follows is a gangsta recipe that is not for the faint of heart. It is for the OG (Original Gangsta Grandma).

But first let me ramble on, as most food bloggers do, about my love affair with the food item in question. Let me tell you a little tale. Name has been changed to protect the guilty.

Once upon a time, there was a little girl name Eresa-Tay who loved sweets and cereal. When she stumbles upon a cereal that also had candy it in, it blow her mind.

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Domestic Violence: Excavating Shariah Series- Part 2

written by Theresa Corbin

Part 1

As a faith community, we are facing a serious crisis in human (and God given) rights violations. Many of those “in charge” are and have been misusing religious texts to cripple more than half of our population- women.

We are a global community and these issues have infected our lives on a global scale. Because of these issues, Saadia Haq and I are “Excavating Shariah” in an attempt to chip away at the fiqh interpretations (human understanding of the Shariah (Islamic) law) that have either intentionally or unintentionally ignored the female experience, oppressed women, or co-opted women’s religious dedication.

We take it as a serious matter that Islam has been wrongfully used as a weapon against women. We feel we have the right and an obligation, as Muslims, to speak on these issues. Currently we are “excavating” the affront that is Domestic Violence.

Domestic violence is a global issue. According to WHO “Most of this violence is intimate partner violence. Worldwide, almost one third (30%) of women who have been in a relationship report that they have experienced some form of physical and/or sexual violence by their intimate partner in their lifetime. Globally, as many as 38% of murders of women are committed by a male intimate partner.”

It is a men’s issue. But there are some (or rather many) who claim that Islam gives men the right to physically harm their wives.

In Islam, marriage is based on on love and mercy, as we read in the Quran:

{And among His signs is this: That He created mates for you from yourselves that you may find rest, peace of mind in them, and He ordained between you love and mercy. Lo, herein indeed are signs for people who reflect.} (Quran 30:21)

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