It’s Not About The Headscarf

Written By: Elyse Keelani*

Why is a Muslim woman’s worth symbolized by a headscarf** or the lack thereof?

In Western societies, the lack of a headscarf makes a Muslim woman blend into secular society; whether or not she’s a practicing Muslim is less important. Usually, as long as she looks the part, she is accepted. A lack of a headscarf in the eyes of the West means that she is not oppressed, and that she has found freedom.

its not about the headscarf

However, the West fails to see that their own society confines women also, and that women are treated simply as objects. If a woman wears a bikini on the beach, she’s fine. If a woman wears a bikini on the street, she’s deemed “loose”. If a woman of the right body-type wears a low-cut top, she is seen as sexy; If a heavy woman does the same, she is trashy. There are so many rules to follow, it’s hard to keep up.

“Do I look confident or self-absorbed?” “Do I look strong or do I look overbearing?” “Do I look sexy or do I look slutty?” The lines are drawn according to a woman’s race, body type, socio-economic status, etc. Then a woman might find that the lines are drawn differently in some Western countries, or in some areas of Western countries.

The worth of a woman is often narrowed down to fabric, but that worth was taken away long before anyone saw how she was dressed. Being “Jane” means less opportunity in life, less pay, more risk of being a victim of violence, etc.

Clothing is simply a symbol of how well a woman is fitting into the society that already oppresses her.

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Non-Muslims Say The Darndest Things … About Hijab

hijabi-pop-art2Written by Theresa Corbin

My mind was spinning after the Hijabology post from last week. I kept chuckling to myself about some of the comments I get from perfect strangers and people I meet in my life. So, I thought it would be fun to share some of these comments with y’all.

Please feel free to share some of the zany comments/questions you have received / asked. Don’t be shy!

Here is my list from most common to the weirdest comments/questions about hijab, and the responses I wish I could give.

Q: Why you wear dat?

A: See the blog post “Hijabology”

Q: Ain’t you hot in all them clothes?

A: Yes, and you are hot in that tank top. We live in The South. It is 3,052 degrees year round. We are all hot!

Q: Do you have cancer?

A: No, I am trying to quit.

Q: Are you a Amish or something?

A: Don’t be racist.

Q: I like your wife. Is she a nun?

A: Ummmm, a wife and a nun? Seriously?! No. And I grant you permission to speak directly to me. You’re Welcome!

Q: Oh My God, it’s a ghost?


Q: You look like Mother Teresa.

A: Well, I am a “Teresa”, but I ain’t nobody’s mama.

Q: I SEE you!

A: Good job on learning how to use your eyes! Next, maybe you will learn how to use your manners.

Q: Look, it’s a ninja!

A: Darn! I thought I was in super stealth mode.

Q: Why do they keep letting God D@mn terrorist in my country?

A: I don’t know why they let you in my country to terrorize me with your ignorance.

Q: What are you, like, Jesus?

A: Yes, but it’s pronounced hey-SEUSS.

Q: Wow, what a beautiful scarf!

A: I love you!!!

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