Non-Muslims Say The Darndest Things … About Hijab

hijabi-pop-art2Written by Theresa Corbin

My mind was spinning after the Hijabology post from last week. I kept chuckling to myself about some of the comments I get from perfect strangers and people I meet in my life. So, I thought it would be fun to share some of these comments with y’all.

Please feel free to share some of the zany comments/questions you have received / asked. Don’t be shy!

Here is my list from most common to the weirdest comments/questions about hijab, and the responses I wish I could give.

Q: Why you wear dat?

A: See the blog post “Hijabology”

Q: Ain’t you hot in all them clothes?

A: Yes, and you are hot in that tank top. We live in The South. It is 3,052 degrees year round. We are all hot!

Q: Do you have cancer?

A: No, I am trying to quit.

Q: Are you a Amish or something?

A: Don’t be racist.

Q: I like your wife. Is she a nun?

A: Ummmm, a wife and a nun? Seriously?! No. And I grant you permission to speak directly to me. You’re Welcome!

Q: Oh My God, it’s a ghost?


Q: You look like Mother Teresa.

A: Well, I am a “Teresa”, but I ain’t nobody’s mama.

Q: I SEE you!

A: Good job on learning how to use your eyes! Next, maybe you will learn how to use your manners.

Q: Look, it’s a ninja!

A: Darn! I thought I was in super stealth mode.

Q: Why do they keep letting God D@mn terrorist in my country?

A: I don’t know why they let you in my country to terrorize me with your ignorance.

Q: What are you, like, Jesus?

A: Yes, but it’s pronounced hey-SEUSS.

Q: Wow, what a beautiful scarf!

A: I love you!!!

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