Non-Muslims Say The Darndest Things … About Hijab

hijabi-pop-art2Written by Theresa Corbin

My mind was spinning after the Hijabology post from last week. I kept chuckling to myself about some of the comments I get from perfect strangers and people I meet in my life. So, I thought it would be fun to share some of these comments with y’all.

Please feel free to share some of the zany comments/questions you have received / asked. Don’t be shy!

Here is my list from most common to the weirdest comments/questions about hijab, and the responses I wish I could give.

Q: Why you wear dat?

A: See the blog post “Hijabology”

Q: Ain’t you hot in all them clothes?

A: Yes, and you are hot in that tank top. We live in The South. It is 3,052 degrees year round. We are all hot!

Q: Do you have cancer?

A: No, I am trying to quit.

Q: Are you a Amish or something?

A: Don’t be racist.

Q: I like your wife. Is she a nun?

A: Ummmm, a wife and a nun? Seriously?! No. And I grant you permission to speak directly to me. You’re Welcome!

Q: Oh My God, it’s a ghost?


Q: You look like Mother Teresa.

A: Well, I am a “Teresa”, but I ain’t nobody’s mama.

Q: I SEE you!

A: Good job on learning how to use your eyes! Next, maybe you will learn how to use your manners.

Q: Look, it’s a ninja!

A: Darn! I thought I was in super stealth mode.

Q: Why do they keep letting God D@mn terrorist in my country?

A: I don’t know why they let you in my country to terrorize me with your ignorance.

Q: What are you, like, Jesus?

A: Yes, but it’s pronounced hey-SEUSS.

Q: Wow, what a beautiful scarf!

A: I love you!!!

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15 thoughts on “Non-Muslims Say The Darndest Things … About Hijab

  1. HAHAHAHA I have gotten a few of these exactly. Of course the best was Guy:” So why do you wear that- to hid your beauty” A: “Yes, that’s one reason” Guy:” Well, it’s not working”. Of course that was in my very early 20s, but you don’t forget something like that. The next memorable would be the “Do you have cancer?” asked by my Biology TA – I must have looked pretty pale or sick that day or something.


  2. I think non Muslims should not criticise muslim women for wearing hijab as Muslims dont criticise on them for what they do. It is the right of any Muslim women living on this earth to follow the Islamic teaching of Islam where hijab is priority for a woman.

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    1. I agree, Tudung, we should not criticize each other. We do not know what the other knows nor have we had to live their life. Thanks for reading!


  3. i am a non Muslimah who wears modest clothing and OFTEN wears some kind of head covering… i think i have heard all of that except the terrorist part. and thats probably only because i live in a very Muslim heavy city….

    i have complimented MANY people on their hijab, i think i confused several people….
    and i have stalked a (very kind and helpful) Muslimah because her Hijab scarf matched my favorite skirt… i finally got up the nerve to ask her where she got it, and found out that scarf heaven was across town and i never knew it!
    (and yes i got the same scarf, and yes it matches my skirt)

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    1. Kristen, thank you for sharing your experience and for your kind compliments. I am sure they mean the world to their recipients. It is sad when modesty is the exception to the rule. It really isn’t just a Muslim thing. All women have to right to cover their bodies and I applaud you for your strength in claiming this right. Congratulations on finding your perfect scarf! Thanks for reading and commenting.


  4. Lol. Some of these are funny. Its quite reasonable I suppose for non muslims to ponder upon the hijab, perphaps they have little knowledge about it or are just curious. A non muslim who knew me in my post hijab times thought it was a stupid move to cover hair (seeing it as a part of one’s beauty) rather than to flaunt it. Truth is all girls are beautiful and that is precisely the reason (amongst a few others) for covering.
    What is really worrying is when fellow muslims say silly things regarding it. E.g you know you don’t have to wear it all the time, you are allowed to take days off. Another e.g when you go for your interview, remember to remove your scarf first. Another e.g when exchanging pictures with a marriage suitor, remember to add in a pic of you without scarf.
    Lol. Im ashamed to say all these examples are have come from the mouths of muslims, may Allah have mercy on us.


    1. Wow, yeah I understand when non-Muslims are confused by it especially in the West where there is a major campaign of misinformation on all things Islam. But when Muslims do it, it is truly disheartening. I have found that more and more Muslims know very little about Islam. It is one thing to not wear it out of informed choice, but to try to convince others not to wear it is a whole other story, SMH. May Allah guide us.

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