Jinn: A Creature Made of Smokeless Fire

Written by Theresa Corbin

Like any good scary movie with plot and intrigue, any creepy jinn story attracts the darker side of my attention. And it has been brought up on a number of occasions by people who don’t even know each other that they thought I was going to write about the jinn. (Maybe the jinn told them to say that to me?!)

the jinn

I have no clue. I have never been known to write about any creepy crawly subjects, even though I think it would be tons of fun. 

Some may be wondering WTH are you talking about, Corbin? You talkin’ ’bout that Star Wars dude, Qui Gon Jinn?

If you are wondering this, then let me be the first to introduce you to a whole world of the unseen.

The Islamic belief in the jinn is where the Western culture gets the idea of a genie in a bottle. But this is not at all the reality of the jinn, or unseen creatures that walk among us.

Allah says in the Quran:


And We did certainly create man out of clay from an altered black mud. 


And the jinn, We created before from scorching fire. (Quran 15:26-27)

From Allah’s words we know from which substance each was created. And that the jinn were created before man from fire. But why jinn?
Allah says:

And I did not create the jinn and mankind except to worship Me. (Quran 51:56)

So, the purpose of the jinns’ creation is the same as human creation: To worship The Creator of all things. The Quran was revealed for jinn and mankind alike.
The jinn are like us
They think and reflect, eat and drink, get married and have children. They can be good or bad. They live and die,
and will be questioned on the Day of Judgement.
And they are different from us
They are not visible to the human eye, but they can make themselves appear to us as a person or an animal. They have much longer life spans than we do. They posses the ability to travel long distances in a very short time.
God has given the jinn these powers and abilities as a test for them, they are forbidden from using them against His creation, but much like human beings they do use their powers for evil anyway.
Some mean us no harm 
An entire group of jinn converted to Islam and became Muslims when they heard the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) recite the Quran. Some are good and listen to the commandment of Allah not to interfere with mankind.
As a matter of fact there is an entire chapter in the Quran (Surat al-Jinn) named after them, in which the belief of and some of the activities of the jinn are explained. Check it out. It is a short chapter of only 28 verses. 

And some mean us harm

Once upon a time, their was a jinni (singular for jinn) who was so good he was allowed to pray with the angels. Then Allah created man and told the angels, including the jinni who prayed with them, to bow down to man (Adam). The jinni refused out of arrogance and pride and perhaps jealousy.

This jinni’s name was Iblees, or as he is known in Christianity, Lucifer. He was cast out of the ranks of angels and allowed to roam the earth, swearing that he would try to mislead man until the end of time and so far he has made good on that promise. He is Iblees, the Shaytan, the Devil. And some jinn choose to follow in his path.

Allah tells us about him in the Quran:



[Iblees] said, “My Lord, because You have put me in error, I will surely make [disobedience] attractive to them on earth, and I will mislead them all

Except, among them, Your chosen servants.” (Quran 15:39-40)

Allah has given us direction in the ways we can protect ourselves from the evil of the jinn

Let me share some jinn stories with you:

Tale 1: Upon waking

When I first converted, I experienced something terrifying upon waking from sleep. I was lying on my back when all the sudden I couldn’t move, my chest felt constricted and I couldn’t speak. Everything went pitch black.

A horrible male voice said that I would give up my religion. Then it showed me a dark hole that never ended and told me he would throw me in if I didn’t turn away from my faith. I was terrified and then all of the sudden the vision, the voice, and the feeling went away.

Allah knows best, but it seemed to me to be a jinni from among those that follow Iblees trying to scare me away from the true path of Islam.

Tale 2: Move!

Just a few days ago, my husband and I were lounging in the living room. I dozed off on the couch and woke up around 3 AM to what I thought was my husband shouting at me saying, “We need to move!”

I thought he was trying to tell me to move to the bed. I shot up and swore I saw his face, just his face no body. Then a second later it was gone, and I could hear him snoring in the bed. Then I realized he would never risk yelling at me while I am sleeping, or any time for that matter, but especially while I am sleeping. He would likely be harmed for the offense. j/j … maybe.

I changed my sleeping position recited Ayat al-Kursi (a verse in the Quran that is recited for protection) and went back to sleep on the couch (Not wanting to face the snoring) very shaken. The next morning I awoke remembering the incident and thought maybe it was a jinn trying to make us move from the house.

May Allah protect us from the evil of mankind and jinn!

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18 thoughts on “Jinn: A Creature Made of Smokeless Fire

  1. As-salam alaykum sister,
    (I have weird feeling that I may be responsible in giving you the premonition for writing this post!)
    This is really a big issue to deal with, especially with the garbage surrounding the supernatural so I will try to limit myself in giving my comment.
    We live in world where what is not necessarily what it actually is. In the ancient world everybody knew their place, the kings & the aristocrats, the soldiers, the merchants, the slaves and yes the magicians. In today’s world the magicians seem have to disappear yet they are in front of our eyes.
    When I mean magic, I mean occult, not pulling rabbits out of hats or some stupid Harry Potter nonsense.
    I have studied western academic occultism and trust me things get freaky when you start reading about esoteric practices or “higher dimensions” and whatnot. And coming from a mathematical background, the language of the dark side is numbers not card tricks a hocus-pocus.
    The biggest “fornicator” of the human conscious for almost 100 years has been Hollywood. The movie magic business has completely destroyed human psyche. For example when you first watched the exorcist, you were probably sacred, and perhaps the second time, you were scared, but a little less and eventually down the path, you lose the fear and then it hits you “well it just a film, it is not real”. Same idea can work for religion as well. Hollywood makes a charade of everything and eventually the blurring of fantasy and reality becomes obsolete. Ask yourself one thing: What is the purpose of Hollywood and the large entrainment business?
    I once heard that for every one human, there are like 10 million jinns. And some narrations state that before the creation of Adam (pbuh) the jinns contended with another species here on earth where none other than Ibis (may God curse him) and his crew ran the show.
    Ultimately weird things happen to human beings. Some of it is happenstance, some of it action-reaction and yes some of it is intervention from jinns.
    Generally people often invoke jinns with desolated places and deserts and forests and it is true most scholars believe that the capital of the jinn is somewhere near Hardaramaut, but to think jinns are not involved in high tech psychological warfare (very few of them, though) should be reluctant to be true.
    Worse of course are the human shayteens who purposefully invoke evil to cause agony and destruction.
    (If you look for jinns, they’ll come to you! And if they are powerful jinns, then the last thing you’ll hear wont juts be Boo!)
    For a humorous tale, check out sister Willow’s Alif the Unseen.


    1. Don’t feel responsible. As I said you are not the only one who has very recently brought this up to me. It is a big issue, and I wanted to stick with Quran, some stories from my experience, and one other creepy story. As I said to Tasneem, I was worried that talking about the jinn would discredit me to my audience that does not believe in this creation of Allah, because like you said Holly wood has desensitized us and to the “higher thinking” Westerner it is all of load of bullocks, if I may borrow a British term. But I believe that is the biggest trick of the Shatyan, to lead us to believe he does not exist, like a wolf lying in wait of its victim, it is better if the victim is unaware, unprepared and unprotected.

      Oh, yes brother! I have read a lot about invoking the “demons” aka jinn in order to ascertain “power”, as with fortune tellers and magicians. In my youth I dabbled in the occult (in my search for truth) and my life was very dark indeed. It is a very hideous form a shirk. A lot of conjecture is made about the jinn, but I find your theory about the language of the dark side is numbers intriguing. I have always been of the opinion that the “supernatural” is just a form of physics that we have no knowledge of yet … intriguing indeed.

      I saw Alif The Unseen and wondering if it was any good. I will put it on the must read list. Thank you for reading and for your thoughtful response. It is good to exchange ideas.


  2. I always loved hearing stories about the jin, even though my teachers told me it’s not good to talk about it. It was still a fascinating topic. I’ve had manyyyy strange encounters so when I read what you wrote about when you were lying on your back and couldn’t move I could relate.
    I’ve also experienced that and it’s not as uncommon as I’d like to think. Probably one of the scariest moments because I couldn’t move and thought I was going to die. I tried to scream but couldn’t. I’ll never forget that feeling.

    Not many people believe this so I don’t go around telling people, but the people that do believe have all gone through similar, crazy, scary experiences. Out of all the places I’ve lived in, Qatar was by far the worst when it comes to that. I used to think the apartment was haunted!! Lol. And when my youngest sister was still a baby, she was screaming like crazy and I was alone with her, I had to open the balcony door and start reciting Quraan. THAT was scary because I had a feeling she might have seen something.

    I like that you posted ways to protect yourself from them at the end 🙂 Thank you for that,I sometimes forget.


    1. I have heard that many times when I tell people about my experience when I was lying on my back. They say the same thing and it is always when they are lying on their back. I try not to lie in that position ever!! Yikes.

      You are right, not many people believe in the jinn especially non-Muslims, but many have no problem believing in ghost or aliens. So I was worried this post would discredit my sanity, but I told myself I shouldn’t be shy to share the revelation of Allah. And that it is time someone told the non-Muslims world about this creation of Allah’s. Maybe they can better understand their freaky experiences. And some people even say that Allah guided them through learning about the jinn!

      Thanks for reading. May Allah protect us from the evil of mankind and jinn!!!!


      1. The devil does not exist. The greatest yet the oldest trick in the book.
        If the Devil does not exist,
        Then Evil does not exist,
        And if Evil Does not exist,
        Then Good does not exist,
        And if The Good does not exist,
        Then (astaghfirullah) God does not exist.
        If it does not work the straight-away, then use reverse engineering, right?

        (Did..dd…did you say you dabbled in the occult ?!? Thank God, I did not give you my name or forelock of my hair or a horseshoe LOL!)

        And yes higher form of esotericism and dark mysticism does involve numbers, positions of numbers shapes and designs, it is not just hoo-ha (kabala)

        And far as physics is concerned, I completely agree with you about verification of the supernatural via formalization. For example if I were to give you an advanced book on quantum mechanics and take out the entire math, you would think it is a book on magic:
        Particles coming in and out of existence, time travel, black holes, 22 dimensions, objects that both have mass and wavelength, i.e. your kitchen table has a solid mass yet has wavelength like sunlight. My wavelength is almost 8 times 10^-36 m literally standing still).
        In fact one of the signs of the end of time would be that people would be able to talk to their deceased parents…hmmm…sound like shayateen chicanery !

        And if people would discredit you because you wrote a post about jinns, then I guess you can hit ’em with a islamwich.


  3. Reblogged this on fatima1433h and commented:
    Mash’Allah, we all need to know what to look for as Jinn can be very mischievous creatures. May Allah Subana Wa Ta’a’al protect us … ameen


  4. assalam alaikum wr wb sister. I really like the topic of jinns and the like. I have myself been in situations where I believe jinn were there with me. I too am careful who I tell bc of disbelief and might think im crazy! At one point in my life before becoming muslim I had belived myself were possessed. I had turned from Christianity and had bcome atheist for awhile and I was in such a depressed state that I daily wished for death and enjoyed the evilness within and seeked for it as well. Then afterwards I found Islam alhamduliAllah and my life changed for the better mostly. The few instances I would like to share with you are…
    1. I was about 15 at the time and I was sleeping and suddenly woke up and the mirror on my wall was straight across the room I saw it and there was a woman inside crying. she was dressed in all black like in the 1800’s she looked like a widow. her hair was black and in a bun her eyes looked black as well. I asked her why she was crying and she said she couldn’t find her husband that she’d been looking for him everywhere on their plantation and asked did I kno where he was I said no and she went away. come to find out my home was built on an old indian burial site which later was also a plantation because I come from south Carolina.
    2. at the age of 18 or near that I was home alone with my brother while my parents were out of state. my brother stayed in his room always because he was afraid to come out at dark during that time for one reason and also bc that’s just how teens are especially male teens lol. it was around 3 am and I was feeling scared I felt I was being watched and that someone was there. I called my mom and told her I wasn’t feel ok she said don’t b silly and just go to bed but I told her I was too afraid to even walk to my bedroom. just after I hung up the phone with her I saw 2 ball like shapes shoot across the room one was white and one was black and it looked as if they were fighting each other. shortly after that I heard a voice singing it was unlike anything id ever heard in my whole life. the voice was such a sweet angelic voice and it was singing in a language id never heard either. it was coming from the hallway where a lot of the times I feel VERY scared to go in the dark between midnight and 7 am. I didn’t go there to look bc of I was afraid but I got online and asked a friend she said to recite or play al baqarah and don’t b afraid so I did and finally the sun came up my brother came from his room and said to me he too heard the singing voice!

    not only these 2 but quite a few other times ive experienced things so has my mother since her childhood. my parents house seems to b full of jinns and not so nice ones at that. all my life ive suffered from nightmares daily and never understood why. always someone or something was chasing me or I was falling from somewhere or a ocean was swallowing up the place where I was. my mother always told me it was bc the shaytan was after me. my father thought thinks were both insane and doesn’t belive any of it.

    and possibly my brother has been affected by the jinns bc he thinks he has multiple persons inside himself and talks to them! I really hope that Allah saves him and that its really not serious that perhaps he’s just misguided as I once was and thinks that way.


    1. Wow, thank you for sharing your experiences. So many people have experiences like these, and they have no idea why or what it is. I think it is important for people to understand what Allah has revealed to us about the Jinn otherwise how can we protect ourselves from them?

      Your first experience is one that tricks so many people into believing in ghosts. Because the jinn live very long lives they know what has taken place a long time ago and sometimes they know very intimate details about the lives of those people who have been dead for a long time. It is my theory that the jinn try to make people believe that the dead can communicate with the living by impersonating the dead so that we will worship the dead. Worshiping other that Allah is the worst and most depraved act anyone can commit and the shayateen (devils) from among the jinn only want to destroy us.

      As for your second experience, sounds like something was trying to protect you from the evil of the jinn. It could have been another jinn, as there are good from among the jinn, just like every now and then there are good people. 🙂 Allah has blessed you.

      Since you converted to Islam what do you do to protect yourself from these kinds of occurrences?
      Alhamdulillah that you found Islam! How long have you been Muslim?


  5. Allah Al mighty protected you and its quite possible that was the negative type trying to scare you in leaving Islam so he tested you. Alhamdolillah, you are very strong. Apart Aital Kursi, the recitation of Surah Nas and Falak upon afternoon (12:30), sunset and before retiring to bed are also a way to create a protective aura around your being. May Allah always protect you and us all.


    1. Alhamdulillah that Allah gave me the strength. I did not know what terror was until that happened to me. I recite Ayat tul Kursi before sleeping but now, with your recommendation, will recite it in the afternoon, at sunset also. What can more recitation hurt?

      Liked by 1 person

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