Letters to Our Lost Sister

To Allah we belong and to Him is our return
To Allah we belong and to Him is our return

Recently, we lost a sister. Page Spence converted to Islam two short years ago. And in that time, as she tried to find her footing in faith, she was marginalized and judged. Page was born on November 12, 1977 and passed away on Wednesday, April 22, 2015.

The circumstances of her death were preventable. But we will not talk about how she died here. We will talk about how she lived and what she went through as a reminder to all of us, to be kind to one another. A reminder that there is no room for harshness and faith in the same heart.

I never met Page, but her story moved me deeply as I read about her life and her loss. Her friend, Melissa Chance Yassini, puts is all into perspective.

Written by Melissa Chance Yassini

Melissa Chance Yassini
Melissa Chance Yassini

April 23, 1015: As everyone else was sharing their pics taken with our Sister, Page, I decided to share mine as well. This is a pic of me and Page. You don’t see her? Look again. Look close. There she is … Right there … In all of my insecurities.

She is in all of us. Am I good enough? Do I do enough? Is my hair showing? Are they laughing at me? Are they talking about me? Am I Muslim enough? Am I too fat? Am I ugly? Do they like me? Do they accept me?

In her name, in her honor. Stop shaming yourself and each other. Starting now.”

I have to say this… It needs to be said. I have had so many people ask me how Page Spence died. What happened? Who was she? What happened between her and her husband? I understand that it is our nature to be curious. I get that.

But does it matter, really? Page was our Sister. Page was someone who never felt accepted by us as a whole. Page never felt like we approved, like she was part of the gang. She struggled. She was given to us, as a gift. As a test. And we failed.

We own that. We must own that. Rather than worrying about how she died, what happened in her marriage, all her info, fighting for her body. Let her rest in peace. Pray for her. Pray for yourself. Ask Allah to make you better.

Ask Him to help you be a better friend, to be more available, to not judge, to not bully, to be easy, and open, and loving, and kind, and giving, and all the things she was. Was she perfect? No. Am I? No.

Her time here is over. She is gone. We still have to keep going. We have to do better. We are all one Ummah, one family. Don’t make that just words you say … BE ABOUT IT! Live it. Prove it.

al Fajr

May 6, 2015:

They say people come into your life for a reason and I often find that to be true. I cannot recall exactly how I came to know Page, I cannot pin point exactly how we met or where. One day, she was just there.

She was placed in my life at the perfect time, in the midst of personal turmoil. In one of our very first encounters, she and I had a conversation that felt like we had been friends for years. It was then that our friendship was sealed.

Page was a woman of profound beauty, inside and out. She had the face of an angel, with a smile that welcomed every person she encountered. She was always smiling, always laughing, always making others laugh.

She was the life of the party. Page never met a stranger and she never made you feel unwelcome. A lover of people (especially children) and animals, she went out of her way to make everyone around her feel loved, and important and special. Page had a beautiful and contagious spirit about her.

She was always helping, always advising, always offering support and encouragement. There was never a single time I called on her and she was not there. My first experience with her all the way to my last was one of absolute pleasure. I cannot recall a single incident of indifference between us.

In her memory, I plan to honor her by continuing on her legacy of friendship and acceptance. I plan to take life by storm as she did and not get in my own way. I plan to love fully, praise loudly, smile often. I plan to belly laugh and take selfies with my friends and enjoy dessert after EVERY meal. I plan to be a shoulder to lean on, an ear that listens and a hand to hold.


I plan to embrace every newcomer to my life and respect them and treat them as if they have always been there. I plan to help wherever I can and to inspire others to do the same. I plan to take care of animals and raise awareness to causes that benefit them. I plan to enjoy every single second of being a Mom, a gift she was never granted.

Thank you Page, for your friendship and for your kindness. Thank you for being such a beautiful example of all that I have mentioned above.

Just as she blew into my life, she left it much the same way … unexpected … unannounced. There one day and gone the next. Gone, but never forgotten.

Love you Page!

Inna lillaahi wa inna ilayhi Raaji’oon. To Allah we belong and to Him is our return.

Melissa is a Dallas, Tx native who converted to Islam 20 years ago. She is the proud mama to one gorgeous daughter. Melissa still calls Dallas home and in her community she is an active fund-raiser and Girl Scout troop leader, and an awesome sister to all she comes across.

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Symptoms Someone Is Converting to Islam

Symptoms Someone Is Converting to Islam

Symptoms of convert header

Written by Theresa Corbin

Of all the things our friends and families could get into, we in the West seem to fear Islam the most. Which is pretty dumb because as someone who has drug addicts and criminals as family members, I can tell you there are much, MUCH worse things (and converting to Islam is NOT a bad thing, fyi).

With so many people in the West converting to Islam, “concerned” citizens have started making claims that halal meat, learning Arabic words, or even eating falafel turns people into Muslims (whatever turning into a Muslim means?! as if you become a vampire). Such claims are beyond absurd, ignorant, and seriously offensive.

muslim cat

But, satire aside, there is a certain paranoia in the West that someone you know might become a Muslim. So in order to calm fears, I have compiled a list of symptoms that someone might display if/when they start to contemplate choosing Islam for their life. Beware!  This is pretty tame stuff.

1. Not Eating pork

Sure, sure it’s bad for your cholesterol and you need to bring down your blood pressure, but if the guy next to you at lunch doesn’t order pork … He might be thinking about becoming a Muslim!

This guy has GOT to be a Muslim. You can tell his sandwich is all beef. The guy behind him is letting the FBI know.

2. Ditching toxic people

I guess it could be just a sign of maturity if the one you love finally breaks up with the loser boy/girlfriend or ditches the drug dealer side kick. But why chance it? They could be converting to Islam!! The horror!

bad company

3. Becoming more respectful to parents

Golly Gee! Your loved one might have finally realized all that their parents had to put up with just to raise them. But, if that same loved one becomes “irrationally” respectful of their parents, why not suspect that the creeping Shariah of Islam has something to do with it? A chilling thought.


4. Being more modest in all matters

Have you noticed your friend or family member stopped twerking in booty shorts, stopped cursing so much, or even stopped claiming they are God’s gift to anything? You wouldn’t be remiss if you suspected Islam was sneaking into their hearts. How dare they!


5. Stopped being two-faced

If your guy or gal pal is tired of talking cr@p about people behind their backs and actually wants to talk about something real, beware! She/he might be turning Muslim. Make sure they haven’t been slipped some halal meat!


6. Giving in charity

If someone in your family decides to start giving to the homeless, even though it is illegal in your city, you might have a future Muslim on your hands. Let the outrage begin!


7. Becoming more patient

Did you yell at your loved one and they just hugged you? Weird behavior, right? It might be time to ask them if they have been reading the Quran in secret. You might have a convert on your hands. The humanity!!


8. Being kinder to everyone

Have you noticed your friend/family member treating people … like … better … like with something that looks like what used to be called kindness … but now its known as weakness. That kindness might not be weakness at all, but an attempt to beautify themselves for God. You might have a Muslim on your hands. Alert the authorities!


9. Becoming more affectionate

Did your sister, brother, or child just tell you -out of the blue- that they love you?! Strange things are happening. They might be coming down with a infectious case of Islamic behavior. Call the doctor!

either, you shouldn’t either

10. Being less judgemental of others and more critical of themselves

Has your loved one turned their criticism inward? Have they started saying things like, we don’t know what she has been through, or I’ve done stupid things myself, when someone is being judge by others? Hmmm, sounds like the introspection of a Muslim. How dare they?!


But here is the kicker. Even if your fears are realized. And you have a family member or friend who is converting to Islam, you can still love them. And they will still love you! ❤

muslim family

Up next: A look at the signs someone is becoming a radical/extremist/jihadi. Now THAT is a different matter all together and something to actually be concerned with.

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