What Trump Could Mean for America

Written by Theresa Corbin

On islamwich’s about page, we promise to never talk about politics … then we talk about politics. 

Are we admitting to lying? No. What we mean by not talking about politics is that don’t talk about Middle Eastern politics because that is not Islam. Many Westerners cannot seem to unpack Islam from ME politics, le sigh. But we do reserve the right to discuss politics if politics specifically talks about us and/or our religion.  

And that is exactly what Trump has been doing for some time now- talking about American Muslim and Muslims worldwide. And beyond that, Trump has said some hateful things about our non-Muslim brothers and sisters in humanity. We take serious issue with that. So game on, Trump. Game. On. 

Trump could mean for US

When we try to assess the risk we face with a Trump presidency, all we can go on is what he says he will do. But mostly he is very, very vague about how he will do what he promises.

One of his favorite things to do is promise Americans that things will be “great “… because he is “great” … and people say he is “great” … and we should believe him because he is “great” and we will see just how “great” it will be–circular logic much? 

However, when it comes to outsiders, he gets scary specific and beyond ignorant (see Part 1- Saadia Haq’s post about his ignorance on foreign affairs and disastrous possibilities the rest of the world faces in the event of a Trump presidency).

And like those outside the country, Trump has treated American minority groups with much of the same arrogant ignorance, promising to trample constitutional and basic human rights.

Trump is crystal clear on where he stands when it comes to the “other”. He has made his way to the position he is in today as presidential candidate by selling fear and hatred of minorities.

Based on what has fallen out of Trump’s mouth, this is what a Trump presidency could mean.

Best case scenario:

If you’re Latino

If Trump becomes President, you will be treated as an illegal immigrant. No matter what. Even if you are a Native American, Arab, etc., and just happen to look Latino. Angry Trump fans will feel free to be (even more) openly racist and violent  toward you, without thought for your dignity as a human being. You will be made to prove that you have a right to be in the US with every step you take. If you are a Latino man, you will be thought of as a murdering, drug-dealing rapists until proven innocent.

Why do I say this? Well because Trump has said this. Click here and here to read just a fraction of the outrageous things Trump says about Latinos.

If you’re disabled

If you are disabled in any way, your future will be filled with merciless mocking because Trump and Trump-like people have tragically low self-esteem and need to make fun of others to feel a false sense of pride. And they believe, inaccurately, that you are an easy target. 

If you’re Black

You are in one of Trump’s most targeted communities. You can expect to be denied equal housing in more brazen ways. You will have even fewer employment opportunities because Trumpsters think you are lazy. And much like your Latino counterparts, some of the more ornery Trump true believers will act as if they have licence to be (even more) openly racist and violent toward you. Your serious grievance against police brutality will be argued away, ignored, and minimized. And when you protest the mistreatment and disenfranchisement of your community, you will be told you are being divisive and people will be encourage to “rough you up”. Yes, tragically all of this is already happening. But under a Trump presidency, it will move from an undercurrent whispered or even yelled from comfortably closed circles to mainstream thinkingTrump’s America is a pre-civil rights America.

If you’re a woman

If you are a woman of a certain appearance, you will be made into an object only to be taken out and dusted off in order to please men. If you do not fit into this mold of the “ideal female” according to Trumpites, you will be made to constantly apologize for your existence no matter if you are curing cancer or ending world hunger. That is unless you are a good cook or can make plenty of white, Christian, blond, rich and beautiful babies. 

If you’re Muslim

You will find yourself in the same situation as your Latino and Black country men, where many Trump-lodytes will feel free to be (even more) openly racist and violent toward you, because, well, Trump. If you leave the country, you will not be allowed to re-enter.  You will be placed on a registry or Muslim database. You will have to carry or wear a Muslim ID badge you can be identified as a Muslim and policed by the average citizen. Your places of worship will be monitored without warrant. And Trump will look into ways to “get rid of you. I say “you” and not “we” because I will not be hanging around for a Trump presidency. That is a mother father promise. 

If you are a half Latino, half Black, disabled, Muslim American woman, God be with you.

These communities mentioned above are not the only communities Trump targets. He has also made harmful remarks about Native Americans, Jews, and on and on. 

Writing the above has made me feel like a wacko, conspiracy theorist. But ALL that I say here is directly drawn from things Trump has actually said and the bigoted and violent actions of his followers. Trust me, I couldn’t make this stuff up if I tried.   

Worst case scenario 

In this scenario, the death of the world will be mercifully quick. Trump, on his first day in office, will moon Kim Jong-un as a sort of a fraternity joke between authoritarian leaders. But Kim Jong-un, who secretly finds it funny but  has also been just itching to flex his nuclear weapon muscle, will proceed to blow the world into oblivion.

Things don’t look much better under a(nother) Clinton presidency, but at least she is not openly advocating bigotry and violence against minority groups. 

What are your Trump predictions? Apocalyptic, business as usual, something in between? Comment below.

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5 thoughts on “What Trump Could Mean for America

  1. That sums it up pretty much. While his supporters will still be lurking around and committing crimes of hate, if he doesn’t get elected, these scenarios will be contained to a minimum insha’Allah. Good post sis.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Jazakum Allah Khair, I have been hearing people say the opposite that if he is not elected, these crazy racists coming out of the woodwork being riled up by his violent speech will not easily be put back into the bottle. I think there might be a kind of violent backlash if he is not elected or even worse if he is elected and doesn’t deliver on the insane things he has promises. Think Britain post Brexit. The crazy racists thought that voting for Brexit meant that all the people they didn’t like would just disappear over night. And when that didn’t happen, because that wasn’t going to happen, the bigots started attacking and harassing people who they consider different. Trump’s freak appearance into politics has opened Pandora’s box.

      Liked by 2 people

  2. sorry the enter happened too quick, I mean what I say about Corbin with complete sincerity and fingers crossed for what you say. Sadly this time, the elections are just too divisive and one cannot help think of all those facing hate crimes in America!!


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