The Sharia Creep


Written by Theresa Corbin

I wrote what follows almost 2.5 years ago. Today, it is still relevant because apparently some of us in the US believe in Santa Clause, the tooth fairy, a Sharia take over, and other made-up things.

It is still relevant because tomorrow, July 29th, an anti-sharia march will take place in the city I was raised in and around–New Orleans, La. 

I will not be a part of any counter rally/march because when ignorant people protest something that isn’t actually a threat, a counter protest is kind of useless, a counter protest would only affirm their delusions.

Instead, today, I am re-posting some reality about the fictitious Sharia creep or take over of the US. Please pass it along so more people can overcome this mass delirium gripping the US.  

Can a Sharia creep? Is their a creep(er) named Sharia? Is the Sharia creep a newfangled dance the kids are doing? No, it is just the way some people lose their minds to unfounded fear and hype.

I guess I am pretty late to the Sharia debate, or farce, really. But I thought that the American people would snap their brains back into their heads and just laugh off fearmongers, extremist nutters, and media personality with big mouths and little credibility.

I guess I just believed in the American people, believed that my fellow citizens’ logic would override emotional pleas to believe in the boogeyman.

This seems really familiar
This seems really familiar

And while many, many of my fellow Americans have made me proud and dismissed the rhetoric. Still a few have been thoroughly caught up in the anti-Sharia frenzy and have been pretty loud about it.

The debate is interesting to watch. Most amusing are the baseless accusations Islamophobes fling while trying to “educate” the American people about the alleged take over of Sharia law.

But they fail to 1. say what Sharia is, 2. say how exactly it will “take over”, and  3. explain how religious laws (Christian, Jewish, and Islamic, etc.) have always been taken into account by courts within the frame work of the constitution.

Well, let’s talk about it.

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What is Sharia Law?

What is Sharia Law?

Written by Theresa Corbin


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20 Things you should know about Sharia:

  1. Sharia is not a bad word.
  2. Islam is Sharia. Sharia is Islam.
  3. Sharia forbids forcing  people to follow Sharia.
  4. Sharia forbids suicide especially suicide bombing because …
  5. Sharia forbids murder especially of innocent people.
  6. Sharia demands that you look out for your neighbor.
  7. Sharia forbids harming living things without need such as food.
  8. 70% of Sharia, deals with rituals of worship. It tells me, and anyone who chooses Islam, how I to pray, fast, give charity, and make the pilgrimage to Mecca.
  9. Another 25% of the sharia deals with diet, personal finance, and family law.
  10. The other 5 % of sharia deals with establishing good manners and punishments for grievous crimes.
  11. No where in Sharia are women not allowed to drive, hold jobs, or have agency in their own lives.
  12. No where in Sharia does Sharia claim that it should over throw the U.S. Gov. For more info, read my Sharia Creep post here.
  13. Sharia even allows those non-Muslims living in a Sharia governed state to live and conduct their lives by their own religious laws.
  14. Sharia demands those who follow it to be moderates.
  15. Sharia is not static. Sharia is fluid and changes in its application depending on time, place, and circumstance.
  16. Just because a country calls it’s laws “Sharia based”, doesn’t make it so.
  17. Some leaders have use Sharia as an excuse to manipulate the masses and usurp power. Can you think of any leaders like this?
  18. No “Shariah compliant” country actually exists. In fact, some Western countries exemplify Sharia more than so called Muslim countries because of their human rights and freedoms of religion and expression.
  19. Shariah only allows fighting or going to war when it is in self defense.
  20. The death penalty for adultery in Sharia is unenforceable without a confession because the method of proving adultery is impossible. It is a preventative measure instead of a strict, brutal law.

Take the Shariah Law Quiz


Take the Buzzfeed quiz to see if you will be deported with me for following Sharia. Yes, even you non-Muslims might get the boot! Let us know in the comments if you are getting deported if the Newt gets his way. 



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