Where Do Dreams Come From?

Written by Stephanie Siam

It’s been a hard year. May God forgive me for complaining, but maaaaaaaan…’s been a hard year for me and my family. The day my life turned upside-down — Friday, March 13, 2015 — will forever remain burned into my mind’s eye.

I must admit, out of all of the trials and tests Allah has blessed me with this year (and, yes, I do mean “blessed”, as I believe we are blessed for remaining patient and coming through His trials for us), the most difficult was receiving the news of the untimely death of my father. I say “untimely”, of course, in human words; for Allah’s Timing is never unplanned.

griefAnd grief is a funny concept. If you’ve never experienced the death of a close friend or relative, it’s hard for me to explain how grief happens. It’s not a specific number of days where you cry and act sad, and then you sit up, shake it off and think, “Well, now on with life.”

No, grief is sneaky.

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