Dog (kalb)

written by Theresa Corbin

Mona Haydar dropped her new rap “Dog”. It’s about (some) Muslim men and their double standards. And people are freaking out. Anndddd I am so much loving and drinking in the sweet, sweet irony. It is glorious!

It’s a rap about how so many “Muslim” men are straight up dogs and have serious double standards. And people are freaking out because a sister, who is wearing hijab, is telling men to remember God. … because music? makeup? idk. SMH! Details w/ dif of opinions in mainstream schools of thought.

She doesn’t curse once (I guarantee you if this was my rap, it would need a parental advisory label). She never twerked. Never threatened harm. She just told the truth in a library, and at a carnival (how many Muslim male rappers have videos set “up in da club” or while getting a lap dance?).

She rapped, which is basically angry talking. And she rapped about actual, real life men doing disgusting, damaging, without difference of opinion, real haram (forbidden).

Me as the kid from The Sixth Sense: I see double standards. 

Bruce Willis’ character: In your dreams?

[I shake my head no]

Bruce: While you’re awake?

[I nod]

Bruce: Double standards like, in movies? on TV?

Me: Walking around like regular people. They don’t see their double standards. They only see what they want to see. They don’t know they’re hypocrites.

Bruce: How often do you see them?

Me: All the time. They’re everywhere.


If you are worried about Mona or upset by this video for any other reason than she is telling the truth and it’s sad, then you are missing the BIG picture that smacks you in between your eyes a million times a day and has left a mark, bruised and bleeding, but you still can’t see it.

Many of our brothers have no morals. They pose as good Muslims online but behind the doors of DM they are predatory.

And that would be bad enough, but they also think it is their right as men to be cheaters, playas, spiritual abusers, and so much worse–entitled to every woman’s body and time. Who taught them this? It was not Allah (SWT). It was not the Quran. It was not the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). Islam teaches men and women are equally accountable for bad and equally rewarded for good.

In the Quran- tell the believing men to lower their gaze- comes BEFORE the verse telling believing women to lower their gaze. Is this a mistake? Allah (SWT) does not make mistakes. Allah sees you, boo.

And that lowering of your male gaze includes your other actions. Mona is echoing this sentiment and telling the believing men to lower their gaze, show some damn respect for themselves and others, and remember God. 

This video was actually a trigger for me because of the very real spiritual abuse and harassment I have suffered at the hands of Muslim men. You too? Not surprised. 

One of many incidents: The first time it happened I had not been Muslim 2 or 3 months. Was looking for marriage and the first guy who inquired was a “sheikh”, as he called himself. He asked me to send naked pics so he could decide if he wanted to marry me.

What the actual foop?! I said N!O! for soooooooo many reasons. Least among them is that you do not need to know what a woman looks like naked to determine whether she is marriage material. That is not a man’s right. It is no where near appropriate. She’s a human being, not a sex toy. 

But I will tell you what, I know for certain he thought he could trick me into it because I was a new Muslim and since I am a Western woman, I must also be … what’s the word … a street walker? I AM A MUSLIM!! I AM A HUMAN BEING!!

But these days, bad brothers be bolder. They think they can get any sister, not just new converts, to go on the DL with them.

Who among us Muslim women has not had a creeper in our DM asking to send “pics” (ignore the barfing noises in the background). And then when we say, boy bye, cause we actually love Allah and laugh at their sad excuse for fitnah cause we ‘aint want none to begin with. Then … the best part … they call you a slut and sharmota.

Yes, that’s right. not only are you harassed and sometimes stalked, these “men” want you to feel like you are less religious when you turn them down. PUH-LEASE!

Ladies, if it hasn’t happened to you, you are #blessed. My elderly, convert sister complains about brothers in her DM. She’s pushing 75! Women in niqab (face veil) are hit up allll the time. Women who don’t share their pics on SM are creeped on.

I have just one question. What is wrong with these men? But I am warning you, do not saying anything about boys will be boys or women need to cover better. Re read the previous paragraph. It doesn’t matter what we wear, what we look like, how old we are, or how married we are, it. will. still. happen.

This is going in my playlist. Mona is a hero!

Boy bye!

P.S. if you think Muhammad Ali, a man who cheated on his wife and did not wear proper hijab, was a hero and not this woman, you might have double standards. I consider them both heroes. People are flawed. Why can’t we let women be flawed or redeemable?

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