The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book (Improved Edition!)

The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book: a tool for dawah, de-stress, & deen

The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book is 130 pages of awesome

available now on Djarabi KitabsAmazonAmazon UK, & Createspace.

About the Book:

In late 2015, my helper monkey whispered an idea in my ear. From this idea-seed, the first edition of The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book grew. And I–Theresa A. Corbin, queen islamwich bee–self-published The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book in early 2016 in an attempt to help non-Muslims understand a bit about Islam and to combat the rising tide of stress in the modern Muslim’s life. 

By late summer of 2016, I was approached by Papatia Feauxzar, Founder & President of Djarabi Kitabs Publishing. She wanted to know if I would be interested in publishing a second edition of The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book with Djarabi Kitabs.

I jumped at the chance to be a part of her amazing publishing house. Papatia made quick work of finding the very talented Naafi Nur Rohma to rework the images and make them even sharper and, honestly, better than I could have ever imaged.

Things went really quickly from there and we have published the new and improved version a little over a year after the first edition was published.

Why coloring?

Much research has been done on the concept of the adult coloring book as a form of art therapy. The results of these studies show that coloring for adults can benefit individuals suffering anything from cancer to stress.

Adding a spiritual/Islamic component makes this kind of art therapy beneficial in both this world and the hereafter.

The pages of The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book include detailed mosque architecture, calligraphy, tessellation, hadith (prophetic traditions), dua (supplication), Quranic verses, and quotes for Muslims to reflect on, to take time out of their rushed and hectic lives to recenter, refocus, and let their minds recharge, de-stress, and cultivate sabr (patience).

even cats love it!

In addition, each coloring page has a corresponding descriptive page for the non-Muslim colorer who wants to learn a bit about Islam free from myth or judgment all while relaxing. 

Is it just for adults?

It is called The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book because the designs are intricate works that the adult colorer will find both challenging and soothing.

But kids will certainly enjoy the book as well. Often older kids enjoy coloring books as much as the next guy, but obvs don’t want to use coloring books meant for young children. They are just not complex enough for them. So The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book is more suited to them as well. 

The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book is available on Djarabi Kitabs, Amazon, Amazon UK, & Createspace. It makes a great gift for anyone and everyone!

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