Trolls, Lies, and Ego

Written by Theresa Corbin

It all started when I wrote about my Islamic experience, and a major news network picked up the “story”. I spoke about my journey and what I learned beyond just myths. I spoke about how we can defeat hate if we dispel ignorance.

And that pissed quite a few people off. My truth contradicted the lies haters/Islamophobes/self-described ‘infidels’ tell themselves. And their attack of me began, and hasn’t ended to date. Because how dare I promote peace and understanding? How dare I!


So I spent a lot of time being hurt, traumatized, and heart-broken because I am a human being and have actual feelings. After thousands of tweets, messages, emails, comments from people calling me every name in the book and wishing me every manner of harm, I realized it’s not important. Getting angry or fighting back about who I am just doesn’t matter. It’s not about me. And I still struggle with this. The ego is a hard thing to keep in check.

But when people lie about Islam, it is a problem.

I have seen this really ignorant meme with my face and quote on it floating around twitter for sometime now and I feel it is high time I correct its ignorance because it is not about me. It is about Islam. 

untruths about Islam

I cannot be quiet when Islam is slandered. I cannot stand for that.

Likewise, I will not stand with any Muslim who claims to follow Islam when they mean plain ole misogyny. While the claims in the meme are not true about Islam, they are true actions from some who call themselves Muslim. And that, to me, is even worse than non-Muslims lying about Islam. I cannot ignore that. I will not stand for that either!

Read more about my journey to Australia to speak out against Muslim misogynists here.

Update: After some research, I have found that I was incorrect about the stoning of the married adulterer. This can be found in authenticated hadith and is the punishment for both a man or a woman who commits adultery while married. I have changed the graphic to reflect this. Thanks to Stephanie Siam for keeping me on my toes and always pushing me toward correct knowledge.

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14 thoughts on “Trolls, Lies, and Ego

  1. Stoning is bidah? I wasn’t aware of that. What about the woman who was pregnant outside wedlock and went to the Prophet (saw) for punishment? Wasn’t she eventually stoned? Please explain the innovation remark for my own, lagging, knowledge.

    I wasn’t aware this meme had been created. I’m so sorry. May Allah heal your heart and protect you from mocking and slander.


    1. I am not sure about the woman who confessed. I have heard the hadith about her. But I have never heard she was to be stoned. But the prescription in the Quran is clear. The verse Al-Noor “The adulterers, male and female, shall be flogged one hundred lashes.” 24:2

      “It is not in Qur’an to stone the adulterer. However, the concept of stoning and its derivatives in Qur’an came in the form of infidels’ threatening of believers and prophets (Hud 91, Miriam 46, Dukhan 20, Yassine 18, Kahf 20, Shua’ra 116). The stoning punishment was found in the contemporary Torah.” ( To my knowledge, the later scholars adopted this punishment for married adulterers.

      May Allah guide us to the truth.

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    2. After some research, I have found that I was incorrect about the stoning of the married adulterer. This can be found in authenticated hadith and is the punishment for both a man or a woman who commits adultery while married. I have changed the graphic to reflect this. Thank you for keeping me on my toes and always pushing me toward correct knowledge! May Allah grant us knowledge in abundance and allow us to be humble enough to admit when we are wrong. ❤


  2. Wow people are ruthless. Honestly I give you so much credit for putting yourself out there and fighting for Islam and all of us regardless of what others say to you. May Allah (swt) reward you immensely and protect you from ignorance and harm. ❤

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    1. Ameen. And Jazakum Allah Khair for your solidarity, Chelsea. ❤ Alhamdulillah it is so good to be surrounded by amazing people like you and my cobloggers.


  3. That is so ignorant.
    Well, being from the Middle East, and having grown up accustomed to this against-west hatred speech, allow me to align myself against the presenters of Islam, not against these Muslim-haters. The whole Middle East is feeding their hunger for hatred-motivation. But the Middle East (and some many other Muslim nations) needs some one to tell them: FOR GOD’s SAKE STOP THE IGNORANCE.
    STOP killing women for the slightest glimpse of talking to a man while calling a man’s experience out of wedlock as “experience”
    STOP cheering for men while looking with anger to whatever a woman does
    STOP looking at the west as the gargoyle that will eat you
    STOP blaming the “West” for all of your lousiness
    STOP killing each other and claiming that the West is manipulating you (which makes you more of idiots, by the way)

    FOR GOD’s SAKE, your cultural nothing-to-do-with-Islam burden is causing Muslims who do not belong to your same background to SUFFER.
    Who listens, Theresa?
    Ignorance is rooted way deeper in these regions of the world than you might think.
    May Allah help this world!

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    1. Thank you for this!!! Ameen a million times Ameen!! These ignorant Muslims do so much more damage than Islamophobes ever could dream to do. It sickens me and makes my advocacy a billion times harder. So thank you again. Coming from you it has so much more weight than when it comes from me. But you are right, who will listen? Let’s keep saying it and see. Stranger miracles have happened.


  4. I strongly condemn evil doers for for their negative actions and stand with you in solidarity.
    P.S: Islam’s biggest enemies and problem are these type of “MUSLIMS” that exist in millions, don’t feel alone in this rocking boat, because you might just see me sitting behind you there!


  5. Glad you wrote this. I’m so sorry for all you’ve been through. May Allah make it easy on you and repel the ignorance and hatred with your bright wit, compassionate ideals and loving hope. It’s so hard to discern between people who are sincere and could potentially learn, from the ones who are merely out to burn bridges and disseminate mistrust and anger. As you know, I love your sense of humor, May Allah preserve you and strengthen you always. Never let them drag you down!

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