Trolls, Lies, and Ego

Written by Theresa Corbin

It all started when I wrote about my Islamic experience, and a major news network picked up the “story”. I spoke about my journey and what I learned beyond just myths. I spoke about how we can defeat hate if we dispel ignorance.

And that pissed quite a few people off. My truth contradicted the lies haters/Islamophobes/self-described ‘infidels’ tell themselves. And their attack of me began, and hasn’t ended to date. Because how dare I promote peace and understanding? How dare I!


So I spent a lot of time being hurt, traumatized, and heart-broken because I am a human being and have actual feelings. After thousands of tweets, messages, emails, comments from people calling me every name in the book and wishing me every manner of harm, I realized it’s not important. Getting angry or fighting back about who I am just doesn’t matter. It’s not about me. And I still struggle with this. The ego is a hard thing to keep in check.

But when people lie about Islam, it is a problem.

I have seen this really ignorant meme with my face and quote on it floating around twitter for sometime now and I feel it is high time I correct its ignorance because it is not about me. It is about Islam. 

untruths about Islam

I cannot be quiet when Islam is slandered. I cannot stand for that.

Likewise, I will not stand with any Muslim who claims to follow Islam when they mean plain ole misogyny. While the claims in the meme are not true about Islam, they are true actions from some who call themselves Muslim. And that, to me, is even worse than non-Muslims lying about Islam. I cannot ignore that. I will not stand for that either!

Read more about my journey to Australia to speak out against Muslim misogynists here.

Update: After some research, I have found that I was incorrect about the stoning of the married adulterer. This can be found in authenticated hadith and is the punishment for both a man or a woman who commits adultery while married. I have changed the graphic to reflect this. Thanks to Stephanie Siam for keeping me on my toes and always pushing me toward correct knowledge.

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