Memories from the Dorm: A Conversion Story

What follows is my old roommate’s response to I Bear Witness: How I Came to Islam Parts 1 and 2.

Written by Gracie Lawrence (the roommate)

You know it has been at least 16 years since we had those talks, and reading about it reminded me how I am still trying to “figure it all out”.

I remember it was a time of a lot of questioning, we were free from both conservative Christians AND Muslims – where we could just THINK and we had the time to do it.

Dorm Room conversations

I don’t recall thinking that it was strange to think those things- but I use to have the bad habit of thinking everyone must be the way I am (got screwed over a lot for it, lol).

I remember during that time your mother had passed away. That impacted me a lot. I think I remember that more than the details of our talks exactly (I was a bit of a chatterbox, I think you once referred to me as a puppy and you were the cat. And a lot of times you just needed some peace and to be left alone- and I didn’t understand that).

I know one thing I struggled with as I became Muslim was wondering if I could make that cultural leap/ sacrifice and I would take a few steps forwards, and then a few steps back- then I just dove in and became extreme- then balanced out, made more mistakes, etc.

Ultimately, I became Muslims to become a better Christian- I think you remember us speaking about that. I think even from a cultural viewpoint we both saw something lacking, even lonely in our modern North American existence and I saw Islam as the natural progression to fill that gap.

Nowadays, I see Christians and Jews as very close to me. Christians and Jews are easy to understand us, as we have the same background- are just like siblings that bicker.

Anyway, one things that is great about Islam, even if people are reluctant to believe in anything divine, is that it makes for a great play-book on earth i.e. you are much less likely to F-up your life than if left to your own whims or faulty logic. You are more likely to win the game if you are given the instructions of how to play. Ya know? I think that for something like this to exist- is, by itself, pretty awesome.

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10 thoughts on “Memories from the Dorm: A Conversion Story

  1. I enjoyed this read. So interesting to watch a reminiscence as (I’m) a passer-by, looking back, trying to understand others’ perspectives from my ‘over there’ point-of-view. Thanks for sharing. Jzk

    Only through voicing pictures of memories through rear-view mirrors, can we reflect on what happened even as we (have to) go forward. ws 🙂


  2. Thanks, MWM. lol, I guess this series of posts has become like a mirror with in a mirror with in a mirror kinda situation. It is only through your perspective that I can see how my friend’s perspective of my perspective is indeed just one of many perspective. 😉 Salams


    1. bbeatriicee, I am so flattered. This is amazing , thank you!! Now I might be able to use that acceptance speech I wrote, haha. Gonna take a look at these rules they speak of …


  3. This post interested me greatly. I appreciate so many aspects of the Islamic guidelines (the minimal that I know of) especially as I am a Christian who hates calling herself that, Messianic perhaps, though I tend not to claim any denomination as one I fall into. I love the Lord, I Love Yeshua. I am faithful not religious, but that doesn’t mean I avoid the discipline of Scripture. I am all about discipline and trying to find out exactly which guidelines the Lord reveals to me as His own and not a misinterpretation from man. Nice to meet you. Blessings to you! 🙂


    1. Blessings to you, Water Bearer, it is very good to meet you. You sound like a kindred soul. Digging through the slush of man made “revelation” has been a life long struggle for me. If you have any questions about authentic Islam/Islamic guidelines feel free to ask. If I know, I will be happy to help.

      I often hear people say that they are spiritual but not religious, and what I take that to mean is that they lack control over themselves. It is refreshing to hear of a faithful person who is not afraid of discipline. Thanks for reading! 😉


      1. Thank you, that is very kind. I love what you say here “Digging through the slush of man made “revelation” has been a life long struggle for me.” Me too!! That is such a perfect way to put it! I just think too much has been done to damage the name of God for me to align with any one (human made) group. I let Him lead me and it works for me. It was nice to read your blog. I will come back and have another look and if I have any questions I know where to ask. I appreciate that greatly! This is the link to a post I wrote a while back, which I would value your perspective on, if you don’t mind.
        I look forward to connecting more in future…Blessings to you!


      2. Water Bearer, your post is amazing! I have left a rather long response on your blog. Keep looking up at the stars 😉 Peace be with you.


      3. Thank you so very much Corbin!! I saw your comment and have approved it and will reply to it when I have had chance to absorb all that you wrote. I want to let it settle on my heart. It was so very kind and encouraging. I appreciate it greatly! Talk soon. Blessings to you!


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