My First Article About Islam

Written by Theresa Corbin

A couple weeks ago, I was going through some old papers, trying to get rid of obsolete stuff like my health insurance coverage brochure from 2007. I was thinking how ridiculous the mountain of dead trees that we all keep in our homes is when I came across the first article I ever wrote about Islam.   

My first article about Isalm


The article was a letter to the editor in response to a man who had written about how hijab is evil or some such ignorance. I had been Muslim for all of 13 months and I had heard enough. I wasn’t gonna let it go anymore. I had to speak up. So I did. But I didn’t think it would actually get published. It did. 

Check it out my first ever article about Islam here.

That was December 25, 2002 (I had no control over the date of publication.)

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