Ramadan Ramp-Up

Written by Theresa Corbin

Ramadan is coming! And we are excited!!

What is Ramadan, you ask?

Ramadan is a month of fasting from sun up to sun down and so much more. Read more here if you are a non-Muslim and have like a million more questions.

Why would we be excited about THAT, you ask?

Well, if you let it, fasting in Ramadan can transform you into a healthier and more spiritual, grateful, charitable, patient, and disciplined person. Ramadan is a month where you empty your stomach to feed your soul.

This year, I decided to be prepared for Ramadan instead of letting it sneak up on me like I usually does. And I thought why not share my prep with the good people who come to islamwich. So here are a few great ways to prepare for the holy month. Please feel free to share yours in the comments.

Ramadan Ramp-up

Three ways to Ramp-Up to Ramadan

Pre-Ramadan Reminders

Fasting prior to the month of Ramadan is pretty much the only way to get your stomach ready for the Ramadan-athon. And bonus!, fasting any time of the year is good for the soul.

This year I made a printout that both lets me keep track of how many days are left until Ramadan and lets me know the times I have to begin and end my fast.

I bought a document frame (8.5″x 11″) at the Dollar Tree (holla! it’s a dolla!). Printed this doc that you can download here and used one of my liquid chalk pens (you can use dry erase marker or any marker that can be wiped away daily) to update on top of the glass of the picture frame. Read more


Humans of Ramadan

Humans of Ramadan
graphic by Kaighla Um Dayo

Ready. Set. Ramadan!

That’s right, folks. Ramadan has begun. That means all of the able-bodied, adult Muslims in the world are abstaining from food and water from sun up to sundown.

This year instead of droning on and on about what Ramadan is to me, I decided to let my brothers and sisters chime in. I am questioning all who come in my path about all things Ramadan and serving up answers in a series called “Humans of Ramadan”.

This segment will go over the basics: What is Ramadan? Why is Ramadan? What is Ramadan to you? And the community has spoken:

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