Humans of Ramadan

Humans of Ramadan
graphic by Kaighla Um Dayo

Ready. Set. Ramadan!

That’s right, folks. Ramadan has begun. That means all of the able-bodied, adult Muslims in the world are abstaining from food and water from sun up to sundown.

This year instead of droning on and on about what Ramadan is to me, I decided to let my brothers and sisters chime in. I am questioning all who come in my path about all things Ramadan and serving up answers in a series called “Humans of Ramadan”.

This segment will go over the basics: What is Ramadan? Why is Ramadan? What is Ramadan to you? And the community has spoken:

Andi Monterosso de Ferrera

Ramadan is the blessed month that the Holy Quran was revealed to our beloved prophet Muhammad (swt). Ramadan is a gift from Allah (swt) to show us that NOTHING is impossible! If we Muslims can forgo food and water (when clearly food and water are permissible to intake) just because Allah said we should for one month, then all other things that are not permissible should be a cinch to avoid!!! It’s training for your heart and soul.!!! I love Ramadan.

Lulu Muzaynah

Ramadan is the month of Qur’an. Ramadan is a means of giving and seeking reward from Allah that we may be thankful to Him. Ramadan is seeking forgiveness of our shortcomings that we may rectify our affairs so Allah will be pleased with us. May Allah forgive us and accept our fast Ameen.

Bouchra Ismaili Idrissi

Ramadan is one of the five pillars of Islam. It is a month of fasting, drawing oneself closer to Allah by praying and invocations, doing charitable work, helping others in need which we should do all the time not only in this holy month, staying in touch with everyone that we know. Most importantly it is a month of forgiveness and letting go of any anger, disputes or misunderstandings with anyone for we need to start this holy month with complete inner peace and strong faith. May Allah accepts our doings, work and intentions and may Allah protect you all, and Allah knows best.

Kathleen Brown

Ramadan is [the name of] a month. It humbles our heart and mind as we don’t eat during certain times of the day. This will be my first Ramadan. People can teach about it. But, I look forward to the experience. I would think it causes us to rely more on Allah to get us through the day.

Papatia Feauxzar

Ramadhan is a month that makes me feel special. I can’t explain it lol. It also a month where I miss my first home. A lot.

Yousaf Haque

To me Ramadan (Ramzan) is meant to cleanse one’s body and soul

Rebecca Jane

Ramadan to me means the reminder of Allah, to keep Allah in our minds at all times, when you get that pang of hunger in your stomach, or when that itch of thirsty builds in your throat, your first intention is to quench that hunger or thirst, but during Ramadan, we are fasting, so Allah comes to our head, when that pang of hunger comes, we are [re]minded of Allah, and do [as] Allah commands, in restraining. it grows our fear, and subconscious of Allah. It entails Allah-consciousness, a sense of responsibility, accountability, dedication to our religion

If you have any questions about the why’s and what’s of Ramadan, please don’t be shy to ask in the comments.

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10 thoughts on “Humans of Ramadan

  1. BismillahAlrahman Alraheem Alsalamualeykumwarahmatullahiwabarakatuhu dear sisters and brothers in islam wishing you all a very peaceful and blessed month of Ramadan Kareem,the month of Noble Quran may ALLAH shower HIS mercy,forgiveness on all Ummah and accept our efforts aameen,kindly remember us in your Duas InshaALLAHand FiAmanALLAH

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  2. May Allah grant a blissed Ramadan to you, your family and loved ones, your readers and commenters, and to all of the humans of Ramadan, and make it a peaceful month full of rewards from Allah…. ❤

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  3. I have frequently managed to read your articles and every time they leave me touched. Your writings concerning Ramadhan have even touched me more. May Allah reward abundantly

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