Humans of Ramadan: Humans Who Can’t Fast

graphic by Kaighla Um Dayo

Humans of Ramadan

We all think it. -Are people who are sick or really old required to fast? It seems like an unreasonable request. -Well, it is.

And that is why those who are sick temporarily or chronically; the elderly and weak; women who are pregnant, having post-natal bleeding, nursing, or on their period; and people who are travelling are not required to fast (for some in this list, fasting is not allowed at all because it would be detrimental to their health).

But how do Muslims who cannot fast still take part in the holy month of Ramadan? Do they feel different not fasting? Do they miss it? Are they happy they don’t have to fast? Are they judged by those who do fast? Well, I wrangled up some Humans of Ramadan and asked them these very question and more. Here’s what some humans who can’t fast, had to say:

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