Which islamwich Are You?

Written by Theresa Corbin

To commemorate nearly 4 years in the blogging game, I have compiled (…er… reposted) a list of types of islamwiches. Try them all, see which one best suits you, and let us know which islamwich you are by taking the poll at the end.


1 – The Turkey-Ham on Rye 

The Turkey-Ham is a turkey roasted like a ham, meant to taste like a ham, but is totally turkey. This kind of islamwich likes to seem as though he or she is playing it fast and loose.


Pros: You tend to know your stuff concerning religious matters. At first glance others might think you are doing something questionable, but you have a million legit proofs to prove them wrong. You don’t follow anyone blindly, and want/expect others to do the same.


Cons: You have a hard time admitting you are wrong. You tend to be rebellious and head strong.
Looks like ham. Tastes like ham. Must be turkey
Why we love the Turkey-Ham on rye:
This islamwich knows his or her stuff, and we could learn a thing or three from him/her.

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