ISIS Can Hurt Us … But Only If We Let Them

ISIS Can Hurt Us … But Only If We Let Them

Written by Abu Turab*

Dear Americans,

Our great nation was built by peoples from all over the world coming together. With their blood, sweat and tears they laid the foundation brick by brick. Mistakes were made and not everyone was treated fairly all the time. But our saving grace has always been that we are always in flux, always changing, always shifting to adjust and reach an equilibrium where all men are created equal and have the right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

ISIS is now threatening this with terror. They can now win without firing another shot. It all depends on you and me and whether or not we embrace our fellow citizens and overcome distrust with our American spirit.

How Isis will win if we let them
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American Muslims were here from the beginning helping to build this nation. About a quarter of the African slaves brought to the colonies were Muslim (1). Their blood, sweat and tears mixed into the foundation along with everyone else’s.

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