Letter to Palestine: You’re Not Forgotten

Letter to Palestine: You’re Not Forgotten

Written by Nicole Elmasry

Dear Palestine,

I just want to say that you are not forgotten, your brothers and sisters all around the world have not forgotten you. We are here, making dua for you, protesting for you, appealing to our leaders for you. I do not go to sleep at night or wake up in the morning without thinking of you. My greatest hope is that this terrible atrocity will bring our Ummah together once again and Palestine will be once more.

I wonder if there are any Palestinians still alive that remember what Palestine use to look like, before the grass was scorched by bombs, before your homes were destroyed. I wonder how much of it still remains. I like to imagine their is a small outline, small fragments, a fountain, or walls that still stand in remembrance, like a fingerprint around Palestine.

The frame around a door with the inscription of a family name that use to own the home. A dining room table being used in a house in Israel without knowing what its origins are. Small panels of tile, inlaid in a marble floor created during the time of Salah El Deen. A bronze key created for a door that still stands. Bricks turned to stones kicked around on the street. Basement floors imprinted with old papers, contracts, coins from a time that has passed. A city built on top of, in and around another city.

It must be strange to know that only a few meters away there is peace, only a few meters away there is grass and olive trees; streets. I wonder if you are taunted by the sounds of a lawnmower and children playing in safety. Can you remember what grass feels like under your feet, do you remember what a cool breeze feels like beneath the shade of a tree. Do you laugh when you smell cologne on a soldier, who has time to think of such luxuries.

Has this become your life you must wonder, but we can feel the hope in your heart for your country, for peace.

I hope that this atrocity is but a paragraph in your history, Palestine. I hope that someday in my lifetime, I can visit Palestine and I will stand where you are standing now and it will be a place of remembrance. I hope you will rebuild what was lost and I can wander along your narrow streets and listen to the Adhan echoing between alleyways, while the sound carries across your rooftops.

We are here for you my brothers and sisters of Palestine, may Allah bless you with a just Leader who will protect you and rebuild Palestine to even better than what it was before ameen! insha Allah!

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Letter to Palestine: An Appeal for Forgiveness

Letter to Palestine: An Appeal for Forgiveness

Written by Stephanie Siam

Dear Palestine,

In the midst of your continuous struggle to overcome oppression, You are never far from my mind. During my days, I think of You. During my nights, I dream of You.

But I’ve never been good at writing inspirational messages or condolences.

Therefore, the only thing I can say is: I’m sorry.

To the mothers and fathers who only yesterday tucked their little ones into bed, making dua’a that they would see the light of this morning, I’m sorry for your irreparable losses, those of which will never be forgotten or consoled away. Those which make you stand on your roofs and in the streets, unafraid of looming death, as no death could compare in pain as that of losing a child.

To the children, the orphans, who will never again know the warmth of their mothers’ arms and the strength of their fathers’ embraces, I’m sorry I can’t be there to hold and comfort you. I’m sorry I can’t bring you into my own home, to provide you with safety, love, and stability, to erase the fear from your lives and the emptiness from your hearts.

To the injured and sick, I’m sorry I cannot provide you with appropriate health and medical care, with supplies and safe havens to recover. That I can’t deliver border passes to cross into the West Bank or Egypt, to escape the terror and bolster any chance you have for recovery or survival.

To the oppressed and grief-stricken, to the refugees and homeless, I’m sorry for being unable to stop these atrocities on your lives, your land, your homes, your history, your being.

Dearest Palestine, I’m sorry that with each passing day, more of your story, present, past and future, is wiped out of existence by an enemy hell-bent on Your destruction. Though I’ve never seen your markets, felt your grass or touched your magnificent olive trees, I am connected to You. I am Palestine.

Above all, dear Palestine, I respect and look up to you and your people. Those who, for nearly a century, have been weighted down by the constant pressure of apartheid and occupation. Those who, despite their maladies, still play on the beach and in the park. Those who, despite their hardships, observe Ramadan and celebrate Eid as though the explosions overhead were coming from fireworks, not bombs.

Those who, in the face of evil and its ever-presence, cry out, “We will not be defeated! We will never back down!”

May Allah grant you mercy and respite from this onslaught of terror, and may His punishment be fulfilled in a swift and just manner. For Allah is truly the Most Beneficent and Most Judicious of all, and His will is always done. He does not change His mind or alter His promises. For that, dear Palestine, we can be joyful. For that, dear Palestine, we can rejoice. For Allah promises Jannah to those who fight in and die for His cause. For you, my dear brothers and sisters, are the muhajaddin, and may you be duly rewarded for your obedience and suffering. Ameen.

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