Islamophobia, Radicalism & Oz

Written by Theresa Corbin

So you might have noticed that I have been phoning it in lately. If you have noticed this, it was for a good reason. If you haven’t noticed, then forget I said anything. 😉 At the beginning of this month (Dec 2015), I travelled to a far away land (20 hours of hard-core plane travel away) to present my research on women in Islam at the 2nd Annual Australasian Conference on Islam.


It was an amazing experience filled with learning, meeting amazing people, and exploring Sydney, Australia.

opra house
Oprah house at Sydney Harbour. Pic taken by the hubby

The thesis of my research (boiled down a ton) amounted to the fact that a form of Islamophobia, with misogynistic roots, exists within the Muslim global community.

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