The Reality of Being Muslim in America

The Reality of Being Muslim in America

Written by Theresa Corbin Published on Washington Post

The name calling and racial slurs began when I started wearing hijab.

Twelve years after 9/11, the climate of hate has only gotten worse. Extremists who call themselves Muslims continue to terrorize people of all faiths across the globe. American extremists continue to stoke the flames of fear and hate, attacking Muslims in rhetoric, in our houses of worship and even on the street.

hate hurts
Grafitti defaces a mosque at the Islamic Center of America in Dearborn, Mich. (Bill Pugliano/Getty Images)

Americans cannot lose hope in one another. That the gravitational pull of fear and hate is growing. And the divide is getting wider. But we cannot allow political theater and power hungry thugs to use hate and fear to tear us apart.

If we give in and abandon our dearly held principles for the sake of fear, extremists will have won. I know that we Americans — Muslims, Christians, Jews, atheists, Republicans and Democrats — are braver than that.

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Are you brave enough to reject hate?


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7 thoughts on “The Reality of Being Muslim in America

  1. Reblogged this on اصلاح and commented:
    I can’t feel how to live as Muslim in America. In this post Theresa Corbin (an American Muslim) wrote nicely about the reality of being Muslim in America, her homeland.

    I hope you my friends can visit her blog to know about it completely. Thanks!


  2. Pls e mail me . I think you n me need to catch up. I don’t want you depressed girl… I think you are now for some reason.

    Take care n keep in touch.. Maybe an old n life experienced chap like me can fix your mood ,though very afar.

    Take care Fayaz


    1. Writing about the reality of the horrifying situation for Muslims in American right now does not mean I am depressed. Thank you for the concern. It means a lot. It’s a depressing situation that must to be discussed. Without discussion, nothing will change except maybe for the worse. But right now, mercifully, I am not in the US. Please make dua for our brothers and sisters in the US. They have a lot to deal with.


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