Myth v. Reality: Excavating Shariah – Law of Evidence Part II

Law of Evidence

Written by Saadia Haq in collaboration with Theresa Corbin

Part I here

August 1947, Pakistan was created for its citizens both men and women as a state where they would live free of discrimination and deprivation, as stated by the newly born constitution proposals of Article 25 and 34.  Its founding leaders strove for equality for both men and women in all spheres, but soon after this nation fell into the hands of corrupt politicians and dictators obsessed with a harsh view of Islam.

On 12 February 1984, the Islamist General Zia Ul Haq in cahoots with certain foreign powers (referring nefarious Afghan jihad) took drastic measures to “Islamize” Pakistan by marginalizing its women through draconian discriminatory laws.

Continue reading here on The Human Lens and find out how the Law of Evidence has destroyed women’s lives in Pakistan.

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6 thoughts on “Myth v. Reality: Excavating Shariah – Law of Evidence Part II

  1. I could not leave a comment on the Human Lense because I am a bloggerer not a wordpresser!
    I have read it and must say I am so sad and so shocked. Here in Jordan things are ALITTLE better, Jordan is more secularised a country. But Islamists are pushing for stricter laws in regards of women. The marriage of the rape victim to the rapist law is there. The lighter verdicts for honor crimes law is there. And Islamists are making Jordan look like the zionists monkey for it has signed CEDAW, although Jordan signed wigh reservations!
    We need alot of work to do, and your efforts are, inshaAllah, in tbe correct direction.

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      1. I read them all when I first came across your blog 🙂 comments are clised, though, so I could not leave comments there. But I enjoyed reading them. Enjoyed in the sense of the joy of mind, not feelings. SubhanAllah. Although your background is western, you are capable of understanding and digesting the teachings of Islam very well. And although sister Saadia is the daughter of a patriarchal culture she is able to overcome the culture’s shortcomings. Really, Islam knows no race or color or culture. Alhamdulellah!


    1. It means a lot to note that you have been to my blog and read this important work. I must tell you that I have lived in Jordan and I agree that things are much better there, still as a Muslim Ummah most countries need to do a lot of work into the right direction for protection of Muslim women rights.
      I have also visited one such jail where 80% rape victims are lavishing in pathetic inhuame conditions due to the current Hudood Laws, where their testimony that they were raped “was considered as a consent” — who in their right mind will agree to be raped is something I cannot fathom.
      Please check out Theresa’s important work on these serious matters and also you are most welcome to visit my blog on similar topics. Thanks a lot for your support.

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      1. I have been there and tried to write my comment there, but seems that your blog allows comments from wordpress logged in users only. But I have surfed through your blog and have to say that, mashaAllah, the content is really valuable. God bless you for your effort.

        It is sad. Really sad. Isn’t suffering the results of rape enough? I guess rape victims need assistance, healing, support and understanding, not punishment!

        And in the name if Islam! Shame on them!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I went back to check the wordpress settings and I hope that I have solved the problem which is hindering you from commenting, my apologies for this inconvenience. Please let me know if this work?And also it means so much to me to know that you have surfed my site and also your motivational sentiments. Any time, convenient please visit the site!!!
        And we sincerely need to step up efforts to save women in name of ISLAM !!


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