Anatomy of the Extremist

Written and (poorly) illustrated by Theresa Corbin

Anatomy of the extremist

The extremist's head

The extremist's eyes

The extremist's mouth

The extremist's hands

The extremist's heart

The extremist's stomach

The extremist's feet

Anatomy of the extremist conclusion



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7 thoughts on “Anatomy of the Extremist

  1. Masha’Allah, that’s excellent, sister! Allow me to correct your sentence, ” written n awesomely illustrated by Theresa Corbin.” 👍👍👍
    Amazing thoughts , sis! Jazakillah for the reminders.

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  2. Reblogged this on ا صلا ح and commented:
    To celebrate my one year in blogging, I’ll reblog some posts from my friends’ blogs randomly.
    Starting with the excellent post about “Anatomy of the extremist” written by my beautiful teacher n sister in Islam Theresa Corbin. Please check it out! I’m sure you’ll get beautiful reminders from her awesome thoughts! ❤


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