Let’s Go to War

Let’s Go to War

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written by Gracie Lawrence

As long as war has been profitable (always), interested parties have played the differences and misunderstandings between Eastern and Western culture to their maximum advantage. Conveniently separated either by sea or ocean, it is easy for both sides to believe what is told about each other- to perpetuate mysteries that they see as not only foreign, but threatening, a force that wishes to interfere and must be kept within its exotic boundaries.

And what is interesting is that BOTH SIDES….yes, both the East and West do this with their own people for the same reason:

To rally and to control (think “We are number 1” generally a call right before it’s @ss kicking time folks)

Football fervor: I get it...you don't mess with Packer fans.
Football fervor: I get it…you don’t mess with Packer fans.

Why do we let them do this to us? Maybe at some intrinsically basic level it just feels good. To continue to revel in the comfort of our misinformation and to perpetuate it does benefit us psychological in more than one way.

It grants us a sense of relief regarding our present state

Example of things I have actually heard: Thank God I live here…phew…property taxes are crazy, but those people like to stone each other to death over there (Western) or Sure unemployment is at 50%, but those Westerners they have no sense of shame and just screw each other’s sisters (Eastern).

It reaffirms our own decisions and life choices

Example: Easter mass is so peaceful, I am so glad I have Christ in my life- those Muslim brutes just like to kill each other over there (Western) or Listen to that athan, maybe I am under “insert oppressive regime”, but I am so glad to be Muslim- those Westerns are a godless misguided people (Eastern).

It enhances our sense of superiority

Example: My Country/Race/Religion is truly the best (And by default that makes me pretty awesome… even if I really haven’t accomplished much personally otherwise).

This isn’t good people.

This hurts us, all of us. It leads to complacency, the enemy of growth. It leads to ignorance, the friend of elitism and racism. It leads to bombs and fallen towers and orphans and widows.

In the end we are all human. We have similar needs and wants. We all want our children to be safe. We all want to give our family good food and comfort. We all want the potential to prosper and achieve.  When we look across the pond at the other side and decided that they (the others) are not really people, but evil or monsters- what we are also suggesting is that they do not deserved to be treated like people either.

And that is exactly what the war mongers want.

Let’s not give it to them.

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No excuses guys, no excuses.


8 thoughts on “Let’s Go to War

  1. MashAllah!
    You nailed it. Indeed we are ALL human first, and I am a someone who sees the price of war almost daily in my homeland. I am very touched, a heart felt thanks to your compassion.

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  2. “War at first is like a beautiful, alluring young women seducing all the young men, but very soon, it becomes a old hag cursing and covered in blood”.

    There used to be a virtue of war. A gallantry. A chivalry…tsk tsk…


    1. You mean an imagined illusion of gallantry? it has always an ugly thing sold in various ways- of course I am mostly talking about those guys playing on the offensive line. Good to see you Hyde.


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