In conversation with an American Convert to Islam, Part I

In conversation with an American Convert to Islam, Part I

Saadia Haq, a phenomenal human rights journalist, took the time and blog space to interview me!

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The Human Lens

Native New Orleanian and Muslim convert Theresa Corbin, is an established author and social media practitioner. In her literary work, the focus is strong on themes of conversion, integration, societal stereotyping, bridging gaps between cultures and religions. Additionally, she is a well established blogger and you can visit her site for more: Islamwich

Saadia Haq: What religion were you affiliated with before your conversion? How practicing were you in this faith and how much did it mean to you?

Theresa Corbin: I was raised Catholic and as a child I took my religion very seriously (I was a serious kid). I went to mass every Sunday. I participated in the choir, the church youth group and was sincerely concerned about the state of my soul. But as I got older and learned more about the world, I began to wonder if Catholicism was the end all be all of…

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5 thoughts on “In conversation with an American Convert to Islam, Part I

    1. To those that are the fans of a femeinst tasfir of the Quran an article on Ballsndlus should prove to be illuminating.


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