Stereotypes About Muslim Women


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11 thoughts on “Stereotypes About Muslim Women

  1. Salam Sister Islamwich,

    You know some folks never change. A little more than hundred years the Europeans were waging their “Mission Civilisatrice”, to bring good “Christian” order to the world. The “Mussalman” was seen as hedonist, lascivious, licentious, with his sex objects as wives and concubines. Many women to do as he pleases. Muslim women were seen as free, accommodating and as muses of sensual delights and pleasures. Well the Victorian mentality, the European shed off to embrace the de-sexualized, individualistic, almost comical zeitgeist that we see today. Now the Muslim women are seen as oppressed, backward, abused, one-dimensional, dis-enfranchised, domesticized servants. It is as if the world works how the West views it to work.

    And it is always about sex and predominantly the “weaker sex”. You know I think there is a dajaalic undertone to all this fruitless liberty and forced democracy. Look and tell what women are not naked as a general order. For example in the ‘50’s a way to “so- called” embrace African-American into mainstream society, fashion designers and “playboy” like aficionados started using black women into nude photography. At the time of the Vietnam era, the similar approach occurred with the exotic East, the Asian Orientals. Well who is left now? If, idk, a regular run of the mile hometown “white” girl appears on the cover of a nude magazine, it really does not send a shockwave in society. But imagine a Muslim woman wear to appear nude. That would be new. Something that cross the taboo. Something fresh. Under the “rule” of equality, the last “women” who have been sexualized to point of being just skin and flesh, will be incorporated into doing so. Whoever controls the sways of the public, can institute the rule for the masses. Read Edward Bernays’ Propaganda (how to do you think women start smoking cigarettes like men? Because young, independent 1920’s flappers were doing so! Being suffragette meant having a cigarette in your mouth!). It was the media that desensitized the mass public to homosexuality, to unwed couples, to the normalization of acceptance of bastards.

    The “Muslim Women”, whatever she might be, however pious she might me, however she may choose to live her life, is under the microscope. The hijab, as to being a scrap on her head as become a symbol of sexual repression, of “livelihood” oppression. It is used to target a religion, a way of life. There are art exhibits of women dressed in nude but having a hijab on their hair. On national hijab, one “unique piece of art” with the last name of Namazie, decided go full nude! Of course to protest the “objectification” of women in hijab.
    (There is a system going side by side with everyday life, alongside the normal nuances of life, adjacent to the hum-drum of the dearie happenstance of life, a system that is malicious and malignant. Sooner one sees who approaches in the shadow, the sooner one can “wake” up. It is better to wake up while outside the grave, then while is in it!)

    -Please keep me in your duas. And I mean it. Not just read the sentence and move along, but when you are offering Salah, say “Dear Allah, make life easier for a boy under the name of Hyde in New York” Capiche 🙂


    1. I thin the sentence you wrote “It is as if the world works how the West views it to work” sums it all up. But the truth is the truth whether or not it coincides with the West’s perspective. Well said brother and of course I will make dua for you, like for reals, capiche.


      1. “Love Inshallah” in point….bye the way I nominated you for some that crescent award Idk what it is if it really means anything…but her’s to ya!


    1. I was wondering the same thing. Why aren’t there more comments, but of course it was posted at a very busy time of the year or Muslims.
      BTW Sorry for the delay in response. Was taking a vaca from islamwich and the internet in general. Be careful what you ask for … My comments:
      Page 1: 3% thinks she is 46 or older?! People must think Muslim women age VERY well!! opinion about Hijab aging women is split. I hear it all the time people say hijab adds years and then there are people who say it makes you look younger. I think it is about the perception of maturity. Either the person thinks it makes you look younger because “you are not mature enough to break away form male control” lol or you are mature enough to not have to rely on physical appearance to determine your worth.
      Page 2: This one is all over the place. The uncovered version is thought to have more high school and college education, but the covered version has more post grad work. paradoxically interesting. It is my experience that Muslim women in the US usually are either very highly educated (mostly in science fields) or barely finished high school before they were married with 2 kids. So I guess the perception is accurate. And it is also important to mention that Islamically speaking the woman has a choice of whether she wants to get married early and start a family or become educated and wait to get married and have kids.
      Page 3 and 4: Hijabis are more often perceived to be from rich families!? That is interesting. More likely to be married, I get that.
      Page 5: Page 3 and 5 probably go hand in hand. Today not many people have the luxury for one parent to stay home and raise the children. Usually to get by both parents have to work. So if we are assuming that hijabis come from rich families it only fits that we also have the luxury to elect to stay at home and raise the kids. (but saying that raising kids is a luxury is laughable)
      Page 6: Again, I think this ties into the perception that hijabis come from wealthy families.
      Page 7: I get it all the time, when people meet me they ALWAYS say they didn’t expect me to be so funny. Why does a cloth on my flippin’ head negate a sense of humor? AND the uncovered women is more likely to be straight!!! That is the funniest thing I have heard all day. Now who doesn’t have a sense of humor?
      I think in the minds of the public, we are supposed to be more oppressed and therefore less happy and less lively, humorous, optimistic, etc.
      Page 8: We probably do read more than the average uncovered women. We have more time b/c we aren’t getting our hair “did”, as they say.
      Page 9: Some how we aren’t steady, but we make better wives and mothers? NOT THE LIFE OF THE PARTY!!!??? Says who?
      Page 10: I am loving this page, We are more stylish and beautiful! Whether it is true or not, I love this assumption. Like when ppl say Asians are better at math, it is a stereotype I think I can live with.
      Page 11: If we keep to ourselves more, how come we are the best at spreading gossip? LOL and j/j, but really astughfirAllah.
      Page 12: I would have voted that the uncovered woman looks like a lesbian. IDK, she just does.
      Page 13: Hmmmm. But we really do make good neighbors. 😦
      Page 14: Not surprising. Even I am confused for an Arab. I have not one Arab feature. Nor have I ever spoken Arabic in public. I even get it from other Arabs. They ask “is your daddy an Arab?” No, My “daddy” is from a cotton farm in Missouri. Whatev
      Page 15: Duh about the hijabi! But why do so many ppl (<–abbreviating this just to annoy you) think the uncovered woman is Catholic? That is really weird.
      I love this! Thanks for sharing. I am gonna share the link on islamwich's fb page.
      I think assumptions come with the territory of being human. It is almost instinctual for us to assume things about people we don't know. I don't blame people for assuming things, but I do blame people for using these assumption as a reason for not getting to know other people or becoming racist or discriminatory in anyway. The only assumption I live by: assume that assumptions are always wrong. And stereotypes should only be used to describe to types of stereos.


      1. “Is your daddy an Arab ?”…hehehehe…that is funny. Interesting that the survey was done by a Muslim women. It would be adamant if you and your southern sisters start commenting on the muslim channel on So far apparently unless your gay, crazy feminists, or other liberal degree educated muslimahs, your comment does not always go through

        -Peace, y’all.


  2. We have agency and we can speak for ourselves no?

    The WESTERN WORLD refuses to see us beyond our hijabs while EASTERN WORLD does not see us beyond our hymens. (not sorry for being explicit)


    WE know what we have to do to fight the dangers of imperialism and usual western white feminism, people like you, Gracie, and SIAM are doing this in your way and we here in the East are doing it in our way.

    And as Allah is witness, we will show the world, what being Muslim women means!


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