In Defense of the Prophets (PBUH)

Written by Theresa Corbin

This post is one that I wrote in September 2012 about the anti-Islam video “The Innocence of Islam” and subsequent murders and riots. I know that it is no longer a “current event”, but the issue remains and has been relevant since the first prophet, Adam (peace be upon him).


It is important to understand why Muslims are/were angry

Muslims try to honor the prophets and follow their example. The prophets were patient, honest, and steadfast. Overall they were the best of mankind. They suffered, were harassed, and tortured for the message they were chosen to deliver.

So, when people slander a prophet, Muslims should and do take it personally. It is worse than a “your momma …” joke. Any good Muslim (or human being for that matter) will protect the honor and reputation of Abraham, Isaac, Moses, Jesus, Muhammad, and all the true prophets (peace be upon them all).

Much respect

One lie about the prophet named Muhammad (the last and final prophet- PBUH) that particularly angers Muslims, is the claim that he was a child molester because of his marriage to Aisha (RA). To say that a man in the 7th century CE was a child molester for marrying someone who had reached puberty (as the Innocence of Islam claims) is absurd!

This kind of marriage was common practice in both the East and the West during a time when people died very young. If people then waited to marry like we do in our time, the species would have died out. Besides, people only estimated their ages back then. They didn’t have birth records or birthday parties at Chili’s.

Five centuries after Muhammad’s marriage to Aisha, 33-year-old King John of England married 12-year-old Isabella of Angoulême. The only difference is that in Islam the bride-to-be had to (and still has to) give her approval of the marriage before it was (is) valid.

Whereas, a woman’s consent in the West was not even considered!

Historical facts need to be put in historical context. And not misconstrued to the level of vile slander.

However… and this is a HUGE however,

the reaction to the video was unfounded and un-Islamic.

Lives are phenomenally more important that some ignorant idiot’s video/cartoon/words/etc.
It is NOT OK to kill people. Especially over a flippin’ video; especially people who had nothing to do with it; especially when the sin of murdering one person is like the sin of murdering all of mankind.

I am ASHAMED of the Muslims who are committing these and other similarly atrocious acts!

Nothing can be solved this way, Nothing!

Would the Civil Rights movement have made an inch of progress if they had employed these tactics? Absolutely not. And we would all suffer from a lack of civil liberties in America today.

**Muslims need to remember that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon him) was insulted during his life, and he bore these insults with patience and returned them with kindness. Let us defend the prophets reputations’ by emulating their example.

So, as Amphion was said to move stones with his poetry to build Thebes, the prophets have moved men’s hearts to build empires of faith. Let us honor them by not tearing nations further apart.

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6 thoughts on “In Defense of the Prophets (PBUH)

  1. This remindes me of the story of the Beduin peeing on the floor of the mosque while the Prophet (PBUH) was there. Instead of yelling at him or what people of today would do (throw punches or worse), he told others to let him finish peeing first and then had a polite word with him about it. He let the dude finish! I need to make a shirt about that and have my husband were it to Jummah prayer lol.


    1. I know, right! As Muslims we really aren’t helping anything by throwing a two-year-old tantrum every time we are offended by something. I don’t know if I would make a shirt about Beduins peeing the masjid though, but yeah, we need to buy a clue from the example of the Prophet(PBUH). My favorite example of the Prophet’s character that we could all look to in times of insult is that of his neighbor who would pour his garbage in front of the Prophet’s home everyday. When the Prophet heard that this trash throwing neighbor was sick, the Prophet (PBUH) went to visited him in his time of need. You know the hadith 🙂 Thanks for reading, commenting, and defending Islam, Marjorie!


  2. “**Muslims need to remember that the Prophet Muhammad (Peace and Blessings Be Upon him) was insulted during his life, and he bore these insults with patience and returned them with kindness. Let us defend the prophets reputations’ by emulating their example.”

    Very well said, sister! Our Prophet is our example in every way of life. He wouldn’t have reacted the way some Muslims are reacting today. May Allah guide us all and instill in us the beloved character of our Prophet.


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