Update: What Muslims Are Doing to Stop Terrorism

Update: What Muslims Are Doing to Stop Terrorism

Written by Theresa Corbin

The Islamophobia industry (indeed it is an industry that rakes in millions of dollars selling hate) has created a bit of rhetoric that is divisive, misleading, and infuriating.

Rhetoric: Why don’t we hear the moderate* Muslims speaking out against extremism and terrorism?


This question is slung around the media after any psycho with an Arabic sounding name goes and does what psychos do. But the fact is that when some media outlets *cough* Fox *cough* ask a question like- why aren’t Muslim speaking up- they are not really asking a question as much as they are planting a seed in the public’s mind.

The rhetoric is meant to make the average person think that the majority of Muslims are silent in the face of injustice falsely done in the name of Islam. And that Muslim silence implies consent.  

So Joe Schmo wonders if there are so many peace loving, law abiding Muslims then why don’t we hear the moderate* Muslims speaking out against terrorism? 

And the short answer is: The media is largely ignoring the billions of Muslims speaking out against terrorism in one breath, and then asking, “why don’t we hear from them?” in the next.

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What Muslims Are Doing to Stop Terrorism

Written by Theresa Corbin

You hear it all the time: if the majority of Muslims aren’t terrorists and radicals, then why don’t we hear about them trying to stop the ones who are? Well, it might be news to you, but we are. Big Time!

Muslims against terrorism

What the Imams (religious leaders) are saying: 

1. All acts of terrorism targeting civilians are haram (forbidden) in Islam.”In the light of the teachings of the Quran and Sunnah we clearly and strongly state:

2. It is haram [unlawful] for a Muslim to cooperate with any individual or group that is involved in any act of terrorism or violence.

3. It is the civic and religious duty of Muslims to cooperate with law enforcement authorities to protect the lives of all civilians.

We issue this fatwa [ruling] following the guidance of our scripture, the Quran, and the teachings of our Prophet Muhammad – peace be upon him. We urge all people to resolve all conflicts in just and peaceful manners.” read more here.

What the Muslims are doing:

All over North America, Muslims are doing their civic duty and informing the authorities when they learn of a radicals planning to harm their fellow citizens. Read about one such foiled terror plot where a tip helped stop an attack on a passenger train in Canada here.

In another case in New Jersey, the families of men accused in terror plot aided the FBI.

In fact, Muslim communities have helped U.S. security officials to prevent nearly 2 out of every 5 Al-Qaeda plots threatening the United States since 9/11, according to a study done by Muslim Public Affairs Council. Read the report here

As Samia from Muslimgirl.net writes:

“I just finished reading a string of comments claiming one after another how the ‘majority ‘Moderate Muslim’ population’ is not doing anything to denounce the radical Muslims which means that they are, in actuality, in agreement with their actions.

“[…] As far as I have heard and read in numerous places, the scholars right here in the United States have continuously spoken against terrorism in plain words. 

“[…]  Did anyone notice the convention that they had [in Pakistan] with the most respected scholars of the country that came together to denounce such actions? That might not seem important enough to some but then I would like to remind them that as of now, Pakistan is currently involved in a very heavy war against terrorism in its own turf.  That convention happened in the middle of an Islamic country which is being plagued by many of those 7%* terrorist who are not afraid to call every Pakistani who does not follow their ideology non-Muslim.

“[…] Not to mention, the suicide bombers, roadside bombs, random shootings are not hard to miss during this war which has claimed many innocent lives. And in that entire ordeal, an Imam was killed with such a suicide bomber after he proclaimed that the extremist actions were indeed un-Islamic.

“[…] The self-proclaimed-intellectualists continue to ask, ignoring all the efforts that Muslims have been doing to scream that violent tendencies are against Islam, if moderate Muslims have done anything at all. I would like to ask him or her in return:  What would you have us do?  As a moderate Muslim, you are telling me to do something.  What exactly would you suggest?

“[…] Please tell us, what more can we do to show you that we are indeed peaceful and not agreeing with the hateful speech spoken and preached by those 7%*?  It is my humble observation, and I say this with all due respect to those who vehemently deny any efforts by Muslims to go against violence, that you are not seeing what is laid out before you and are seeking only what you wish to seek.

*7% is an over exaggerated estimation of the amount of terrorists in the global Muslim community. In a number of other studies the number is estimated to be as low as 1%. But it is difficult to tell.

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