Homeless in Hijab

Written by Kaighla Um Dayo

100% of the regular writers here at islamwich are Muslim. 100% of us are women. 66% of us have been, at one point or another, homeless Muslim women.

Let me tell you: it’s no party. 

Recently, I had a Muslim convert come forward and tell her heart-wrenching story of homelessness as a Muslim woman, and I could relate all too well.

Here are just a few things we wish our fellow Muslims knew about what it’s like being homeless, female, and Muslim.

homeless in hijab

1.”But where is your family? And friends?”

Need we remind you about how much fun it is being a new convert and having most/all of your friends and family turn their backs on you? You can head on over to “Convert Central” for more on that.

Common sense would dictate, though, that if a person had any family or friends to turn to, they would surely have gone that route before appealing to a perfect stranger.

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