Eid In A Can

Written and test kitchen-ed by Theresa Corbin

What is better that cheese in a can? 

That’s right, Eid in a can!

eid in a can

Eid means “Celebration”. There are two Islamic celebrations: Eid al-Fitr- celebrated after the month of fasting (Ramadan), and Eid al-Adha- celebrated after the pilgrimage (Hajj).

Cake (frosting + sprinkles)/love = Eid in a Can. It’s a simple equation, really.

Eid (al-Fitr) is right around the corner. And despite the fact that I don’t like posting stuff about food during Ramadan, I wanted to share my favorite DIY gift tutorial. Cake in a can!!

I found this on 36th Avenue and originally it was a birthday cake in a can tutorial (found here). But I took the liberty of adjusting it to an Eid cake in a can so that we can all have Eid in a can.

Since most of us have friends and loved ones who cannot be with us during the holidays, I thought this was a great way to pack a treat and ship it to those we are thinking about on Eid, but can’t be with.

The Eid in a can travels well, so even if you don’t have to ship your Eid in a can, you can pack it to go with you to your loved one. Or you can surprise the kids with the charm of a cake in a pop-top can.

It’s great for a variety of situations, even making it for yourself to eat on the couch while watching movies with your cat if that is what your Eid fantasy is (ok, so maybe that is just my fav Eid activity). 

Let’s get started with the Eid in a can magic. Lights! Camera! Cake mix!

First you will need supplies because this is not actual magic. Magic is haram.

You will need:

-cake mix (any variety). One cake mix makes 3-4 Eids in a can.

-whatever ingredients your cake mix calls for

-sprinkles (optional)

-canned frosting (any variety that goes with the cake mix variety you chose)

-safety can opener (DO NOT use a can opener that leaves sharp edges. This is the one I used)

-15 oz can with a pop top lid (like this one here)

-clear packing tape


-cake pan(s)

-Eid in a can label (linked below in two different colors)



Mix, bake, cool, open can

Once you have all your supplies, get started baking according to boxed cake mix directions.

I spread my cake mix into three round pans.

Once baked, let the cake cool completely for 30- 40 minutes.

While baking, open your can from the bottom. The whole point of the cake in a can is so that your recipient can pop open the lid on the top and have cake. So you need to open the can from the bottom with a safety can opener, empty out the can, clean it, and dry it completely.

This step is crucial. Bottom’s up.

mix, bake, can

Cut, frost, assemble

Once the cake is completely cool and your can is opened from the bottom, clean and dry, you are ready to cut, frost, and assemble. Use the can top to cut the cake. It will make the perfect size cake layers.

Place the cut cake parts on the bottom of the can that you cut open. Frost each layer as you go. This can will only fit three layers.

P.S. you are going to have bits of left over cake. Do not, under any circumstances, throw away cake bits. Even as bits, they are still cake, and still delicious. You can use the left over cake bits to make cake pops, like the ones here.

cut, frost, assemble

If you want, add sprinkles to the top layer. It’s fun and festive. YUMMM!!


Place cake in can, tape, add label

Next you will need to put the cake in the can and wipe off any crumbs and frosting. Once you have cleaned and dried the bottom of the can, you can use the clear packing tape to tape the bottom back onto the can. Don’t try to use scotch tape here. It’s not strong or sticky enough. Please use clear packing tape.

There will be some funky corners from using rectangular tape on a cylindrical can. Feel free to cut off those corners as to make the tape as invisible as possible. Shhh, they never have to know how that cake got in that can. 😉

Then it is time print out, cut out and, slap on that cute label.

can, tape, label

Get your labels fresh off your printer here:

Click here to download the pink label.

Eid in a can -pink

Click here to download the blue label.

Eid in a can -blue

And viola! You have Eid in a can

– ready to ship, hand deliver, have ready for the kids, or just eat yourself.

send, open , eat

Enjoy! And Eid Mubarak from all of us at islamwich to all of you!! ❤

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