Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Scarf on World Hijab Day

Top 5 Reasons to Wear a Scarf on World Hijab Day

Written by Gracie Lawrence

In honor of World Hijab Day, coming up this February 1st, I thought it might be fun to list a few reasons why someone might want to participate in this event. (click the link to read all about it and read the experiences of others who have participated in the past.)


Hijab is a word many Muslims (people who follow the Islamic religion) use when referring the scarf and modest clothing Muslim women wear in religious observance. The goal of hijab is to achieve a modest appearance and let any potential hungry eyes that like to scan the female form know “that this … ain’t happening”.

Actually, there are many reasons Muslim women might wear the hijab, and whether cultural or spiritual, World Hijab Day is a nice opportunity to show a little solidarity with your neighborhood Muslim female who sometimes has to go through a great number of obstacles to continue wearing a symbol she sees as important to herself, to her religion and to her identity.

For a more in depth review on hijab see Hijabology.

Now … introducing … the top 5 reasons to wear a scarf on February 1st: World Hijab Day!


5. To Increase Your Cultural Cred

Did you know that there are 1.6 billion Muslims in the world (or about 23% of the world population). Sure, not all of them are practicing or scarf wearing, but many are- here is a chance to walk in another’s shoes … wait … how many Muslims?


 4. You Are A Sucker for Adventure

Yes, bungee jumping and horseback riding can be a thrill, but have you ever walked into a Piggly Wiggle supermarket in Yazoo City, Mississippi (or any state where people pack their weapons proudly) in a Muslim scarf? Well, I have, and so can you! Live a little, it would make for a great story later. 😉


3. To Prove A Point

Maybe you are a firm believer that discrimination is dead, or maybe you believe it is alive and rampant- either way, why not find out first hand? It isn’t easy to look like another race, but throw on a scarf and voilà– instant Muslim … errr, umm … or Arab??? (a lot of people confuse the racial identity of Arab with the religious identity of Muslim- find out for yourself.)


2. It Might Just Feel Nice

Remember wrapping yourself in the family curtains as a kid, or just tossing on a scarf, big sun glasses and feeling all Hollywood about it? There are so many cool colors and ways to wear hijab- it might just be fun. The added bonus is that it is pretty cold outside in February anyway. See islamwich’s Pinterest board-Modest Inspiration– for ideas.


1. Consider it Charity

You know Muslims and think they have a bad rap. No one looks at a crazy religious Christian and then tries to condemn all of Christianity (actually a few fanatical Atheists do try to do this- so we might have this in common). Here is a chance to break some stereotypes and do a little charity for your friendly neighborhood Muslim- PR style.

Think you might want to join in the festivities? Let islamwich know. Comment below or email us at

To Create Better Awareness. Greater Understanding. And a Peaceful World.

Happy Wrapping!

For tips on how to wrap it up, watch this cool tutorial (warning : loud music involved)

or click the link to visit islamwich’s Pinterest board: How to Hijab.



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    1. That’s great Kristen. I am glad you enjoyed, and yes I feel the same way- it does seem like an act of rebellion!


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