Ramadan Giving: 1-888-315-NISA

Ramadan Giving: 1-888-315-NISA

Written by Theresa Corbin

315NISAWith Ramadan upon us (what’s Ramadan? Click here),
Muslims need to start thinking about how we will increase our good deeds. Savvy Muslims know that good deeds get more bang for their buck in Ramadan. Specifically, we need to think about how we will invest our charity (since Allah promises a serious return on our charitable donations, I like to think of charity as investment banking).

So going forward, during the month of Ramadan, we islamwiches (not to be confused with islam-witches) will be sharing our charity investment ideas with you in hopes to draw attention to some great efforts that need our support. Let the giving begin!!!

Ramadan Giving Part 1: 1-888-315-NISA

What do they do?

1-888-315-NISA (also 315NISA.com) is a Muslim women’s helpline in North America. 

The helpline is operated by counselors who provide completely confidential and toll free support to Muslim women in crisis who feel they have nowhere to turn.

315NISA.com says, “Our principle is to be non-judgemental in our services. Our services allow for people to open up to our trained counsellors without worry. Our purpose is to assist in supporting, helping and creating a plan of action for the best possible solutions. We are there to listen when no one else is.”

Why is this important?

As 315NISA’s statistical research shows, many Muslim women feel uncomfortable or simply refuse to use resources outside of their religious and cultural spheres. Even when rape, domestic violence, depression and other serious matters are experienced by Muslim women, they feel silenced by familial, cultural and baseless religious pressures.

If our sisters are not seeking help, what is to come of them? They will likely (and many already have) face dire situations.

After reading the Statistical Research Report published by 315Nisa.com (you can find it here), I realized how serious the need for this type of resource for Muslim women is. Not because the report proved something to me, but because it reminded me of all the sisters that have come to me with similar problems. These sisters were looking for compassion, understanding and advice they knew they would never get from their families or religious leaders (a sad indictment of the state of our ummah (Muslim community worldwide))

The statistics reminded me of the sister who felt suicidal because she had been the victim of repeated sexual assaults at the hands of her stalker. She knew she could not divulge this information to her family because of their backward cultural understanding of honor and a woman’s virginity. This sister needed this service.

I was reminded of the sister who confided in the members of her mosque that a man in the community had raped her. Their response was not to comfort her and seek justice, as it should have been, as it is prescribed by Islam. Instead they accused her of wrong doing and made her feel like a pariah in her place of worship. This sister needed this service.

I was reminded of the sister who told me about the abuse she and other family members received at the hands of her father-in-law. Her father-in-law WRONGLY claimed that it was his Islamic right to do with his family as he wished. She understandably questioned whether she wanted to be a Muslim if it meant being at the whims of a man’s temper. This sister needed this service.

These problems are universal. Women from every culture, country, and color face these issues. But the problem in our communities is that women who face serious issues like these feel silenced. We cannot stand for this. We have to open up the dialogue and help our sisters. We must fix our problems. 315NISA is a starting point.

How can you help?

Give a sister in need this number 1-888-325-NISA so she has a place to turn.

Ask if you can post this number up in your Masjid.

Donate. Help 315NISA get the resources they need to keep this effort alive.

Fill out a contact form and see if you can be a resource to them. Offer your skills to them, I know they are in need of a professional video editor.

If our sisters are in need, it is our duty, it is our responsibility to provide for them.

If you are a Muslim woman in North American and you feel like you need someone to talk to about any challenge you face, please call 1-888-315-NISA. They are available during the times below and will have online chat available very soon, inshaAllah.

10am – 10pm Eastern

9am – 9pm Central

8am – 8pm Mountain

7am – 7pm Pacific

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20 thoughts on “Ramadan Giving: 1-888-315-NISA

  1. [First the lighter stuff]
    -Islam-witches!!!!!!! AHHAAH how did I ever miss that!!
    -You know it, come on you know it…a dude is going to call asking for “rishtas”

    Now one would think with increased time and more “self-awareness”, these sort of problems would decrease, but they haven’t. I know I am a boy and cam never feel what it means to be a women to just walk down the street. Living in a saturnine society only exacerbates the problem.

    I’m not very social or connected with people around me or at the local mosque, but I’ll try sneak in a flyer at women’s section 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. If a dude were “touched” enough to ask any of these “wiches” for a rishta, we would have to feign ignorance as to what that even means.

    And being a boy doesn’t mean you don’t have empathy. If more men realized they were capable of such a thing the problems of this world would decrease drastically. Alas, the never ending quest for power stunts a persons humanity.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. (the rihsta joke was not connected to the first sentence HENCE the bullet points)

      Oi why are you attacking me ? But that rishta issue actually is acute; divorcees, widows and women that have been hurt are often just over looked.

      So men are to blame for everything really ?

      DO I not get any credit for the last paragraph ?


      1. As a convert the marriage topic is a little different. It might shock you to know that I (and every white convert ever) get rishtas almost daily from brother who know I am married already (It is super insulting). I know that was absolutely not your intention. but it is my impulse it to defend myself. forgive me.
        And, No I wasn’t attacking you at all. I was trying to say, and failed, that you do have empathy and that is awesome. And that if more men would try it on for size they would see it is not so bad. And the search for power instead of humanity is not specifically a male problem.
        So super excited you are going to share with your community!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Wow, guess I need speak dome that ole creole 🙂
        I was just saying people will call this number thinking it is a rihsta hot line.

        And no I am not part of any community, group, friends, or anything for that matter. Just that being aware of the seriousness of the issue at hand I will try to stick it on a bulletin or something.


      3. You know what I had that fear that people would think it was a hotline to somehow obtain Muslim Women, May Allah protect us from that evil!
        You should be a part of something. Or start your own group of people who hang out fisabilillah. Unless you are the phantom of the opera.


      4. Sister Corbin I’m telling YOU, trust me on this one. There will be MEN who will call this number for a “quick lunch”. I’m not joking. The sisters who run this should be well aware of that.
        And from experience (NO that calling stuff), women who are hurt can be easily cajoled and “mystified” by men. It is not women who are the seducers of women but the other way around. Men can arouse their evilness to manipulate and destroy. Stay Away.

        Far as I am concerned, no, it’s too late in my life to do anything. I’ll just observe and tell.

        Liked by 2 people

      5. I trust your expertise in this matter of men. I am sure the sisters who “man” the hotline are well aware of this and trained in how to deal with this type of creeper.
        I knew you were the phantom of the opera!

        Liked by 2 people

      6. As far as my knowledge is concerned, limited however so excuse me, but rishta is a Urdu language word (this is my mother tongue) means “proposal” it can be a social proposal and usually means a marriage or worse off in slang fling proposal.
        astaghfirullah.. no offense to anyone.
        Corbin, loved the post 🙂


      7. SubhanAllah, may Allah bless you in your efforts. You really make me jealous with all you do for the ummah and for humanity. xoxo


      8. Yes my apologies for after i posted my comment, i saw the other comment explaining it.
        As far as I know my mother language Urdu, matchmaker is “rishta kara ne wala ya wali” and rishta is “proposal”.


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