One Message … 4 Memes

One Message … 4 Memes

While roaming around on Tumblr, I found this post from zindagichist, and it so perfectly described the idea that lead me to Islam that I couldn’t resist blogging it.

Q: Salam. I understand that Christianity and Judaism came before Islam. Why?

Why didn’t Allah just send prophets to strengthen one religion

(maybe Christianity), and not completely form a different religion later on: Islam?

A: Walikum Salaam,

A common misunderstanding is that Islam is the youngest among the Abrahamic faiths, and to be quite frank, this is not true.

 Islam says that there were 124,000 Prophets.  

Adam (Peace and Blessing be Upon Him-PBUH) was the first human being on earth as well as the first Prophet.  From these Prophets, included Moses, Jesus, David, Solomon, Jacob, peace be upon them all.  The message which Moses and Jesus taught is no different than Adam or Prophet Muhammad.

Their messages were consistent with each other without a shadow of doubt.  But you see each Prophet was sent to a certain community, while the last Prophet (Muhammad-PBUH) was sent for all of humanity.  Each Prophet was sent to a community for a specific reason, keep that in mind.

There all part of one religion.The concept of ‘Judaism’ or ‘Christianity’ came later by individuals who did not even see or hear Jesus or Moses.

Moses and Aaron were both prophets and they lived during the same time, with the same intention of guidance.  People still wanted to kill them.  Allah sent many messengers, but society still wanted to kill them.  So in essence, Allah did not just introduce a different religion called Islam.

He completed the original system of life called Islam.  It even says in the Qur’an, the only religion known to Allah is Islam.  Moses, Jesus, Jacob, Adam were all Muslims.

Allah spread out the teachings little by little, not all at once.  Even the Qur’an was revealed in a span of 23 years, not all at once to society.

It’s not a stupid question at all and I’m very glad you asked this, if you have further questions then do not hesitate.

… And now for some funny stuff …

For the Arab-aphile

arab pronunciation

pronunciation fails. But ask a non-native Arabic speaker

how to say “Astighfirallah” … Now that is funny.

For the business owners.

tally ban

Corny? Sure. Bordering on the inappropriate? Mayhap.  Still funny.

For the Harry Potter lover who has a wandering eye.


Yes, you.

For the foodies


There is WHAT in this Gumbo?

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