A Coloring Book

Now Available: A unique, adult coloring book with an Islamic theme.

The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book: a tool for dawah, de-stress, & deen.


Have you ever found yourself wandering in the stationary isle, lingering over the plentiful packs of coloring pencils; or covertly browsing the adult coloring book section in Books-A-Billion, only to walk away wishing adult coloring books were a more productive use of time? Have you given in to your desire for adult coloring and bought a book only to feel guilty, thinking you could spend your time more wisely?

Me too! So I did something about it. I compiled a book for adults to color, to teach the non-Muslim a thing or three about Islam, and to help the Muslim de-stress and refocus on deen. I introduce to you The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book! 130 pages of awesome available now for $10 here, and here on Amazon, or for £6.90 here on Amazon UK.

About the Book:

Many have called the adult coloring book a time suck in an age where the many forms of entertainment are already enough of a distraction from life. However, much research has been done on the concept of the adult coloring book as a form of art therapy. The results of these studies show that coloring for adults can benefit individuals suffering anything from cancer to stress.

Adding a spiritual/Islamic component makes this kind of art therapy beneficial in both this world and the hereafter, rendering the adult coloring endeavor sagacious.

shahada coloring book page
Example page, colored.

The designs chosen for the Islamic theme are intricate works that the adult colorer will find both challenging and soothing. The pages include detailed mosque architecture, calligraphy, hadith, dua, Quranic verses, and quotes for the Muslims to color their way to sabr, nearness to Allah, and less stress.

But there’s more! Each coloring page has a corresponding descriptive page for the non-Muslim colorer who wants to learning a bit about Islam free from myth or judgement all while relaxing.

Example page, colored

The Islamic, Adult Coloring Book makes a great gift and an amazing dawah tool.

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Download a free page to print and color:

Click here for coloring page. Then save and print.