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7 thoughts on “Contact

  1. sister continue on Sahour, topic and Ramadan is seven weeks away; I wish if a kitchen talented person take the initiatives to compile recipes of Sahour food and drinks from all over the world, and customize it with American taste; just like many foreign cuisines (Mexican, Chinese, Italian) it becomes so delicious when it got the American flavor and taste. I think it will be a wonderful menu.
    Let us have Sahour under the stars.


    1. What a fantastic idea, brother! I will look into compiling recipes for sahour. But I should say that the only reason Americanized foods are sometimes tastier is because it is made unhealthy, lol.
      InshaAllah, I am so looking forward to Ramadan. It couldn’t come sooner.
      Jazakum Allah Khair.


  2. The book of Sahour

    Salam sister, I have been living in USA for over 27 years, I have to admit I love Americanized food, I look for it even when I go overseas.
    Thank you for taking the initiative to compile recipes of Sahour food and drinks from all over the world; I’m interested to know what the few native Japanese Muslims have in Sahour and the Korean as well, to Russia, and going to Alaska I would like to know what handful of native Alaskan Muslims have in their Sahour, to Argentina in south America.
    In every county in the world there are Muslims and mosques, collecting recipe data won’t be easy especially in a county which has diverse food menu like India and you want to do a job similar to a professional food merchandizer. So, I think your first resources should be sisters in New Orleans mosques, Houston TX has a big Muslims community with many mosques, Muslims from all over the world are represented there I hope you have connections in Houston.
    Sister presenting Sahour recipes in your Blog or publishing them in a book and sharing it with non-Muslims; is a form of indirect Dawah, an American revert told me he was introduced to Islam by food in college.
    May Allah rewards the maximum benefit if you publish the book of Sahour and JZK in the hereafter.
    Your brother
    Osman Albakheit


    1. Thank you for the idea. A sister that writes for islamwich, Stephanie Siam, has been trying to get a cooking book, or blog started with me. I will see if she would like to collaborate on this with me. I do go to Houston often. In fact I am planning a trip next weekend, inshaAllah. I will talk to some brothers and sisters, and see if they have any recipes they will share with me for Americanizing. Jazakum Allah Khair!


  3. Assalamu’alaikum wrb.

    I’m sorry, but why are comment sections in the posts are closed? Thank you. I would like to give some of my opinion.


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