‘Merica Trumped All Over Itself. Now What?

America Trump Itself

After Americans elected a tangerine tinted dumpster fire to be its next president, there is only one question that remains. Which prison gang will you join?

Join us next week as we continue to use humor to cover up pain.

Good night and go with God.

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4 thoughts on “‘Merica Trumped All Over Itself. Now What?

  1. Salam, Mrs Corbin

    I am a muslim from Indonesia, i sometime read your blog just curious about how muslims lives in the US. But the recent event makes me worries about you and other brother/sisters there.
    I just pray about you and other muslims safety in the US, and i hope that trumps hateful speech won’t provoke too many americans.


    1. Walaikum Asalam, Thank you for reading islamwich. It is a scary time for many in America right now. Most minorities are fearful for their safety. Xenophobic attacks have increased by 65% since the election of Trump. So, your duas are needed and appreciated. Jazakum Allah Khair

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    1. No, sister, I no longer live in the US. I won’t be returning with all that insanity that is going on there. Alhamdulillah for everything. And thank you for your duas and consideration. ❤

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