Top 5 Reasons Why Abayas are Awesome

Top 5 Reasons Why Abayas are Awesome

Written by Gracie LawrenceAbaya-sleeve1 edit 2

Unfortunately, like many Western women, some days I look through my closet and I think I have nothing to wear. However, I have a secret weapon. It is just when I have lost all hope of being stylish and comfy that I can turn to my trusty abaya (əˈbīə/noun 1. a full-length, loose, outer garment that can be easily be slipped on over the head). Never too tight or scratchy, this instant classic and friend of your wardrobe is there to save the day time and time again. Sure, she may not grace the pages of the latest Vogue, but nowadays abayas are being designed in every color, shape and style imaginable.

So stand back pants (or skirt) and top- let’s discuss the top 5 reasons why abayas are truly awesome.

There's always too much
There’s always too much

5. Laundry Day Cover Ups

All I have left is this pink knit skirt to go with this over-sized blue and brown t-shirt … throw on a nice abaya- instant sophistication!

Which one of these is my trick mirror again?
Which one of these is my trick mirror again?

4. Instant Slimmerizer

It looks like I lose a few percentages of body fat just by wearing these things. Rolls? Muffin top? Not that you can tell! It is like spanx for the woman who will not be encased like a flippin’ sausage.

Why can't I go to class like this?
Why can’t I go to class like this?

3. Decency in an Emergency

Whoops, I am late for class/work, etc. – good thing I can just slip this on. Wearing pajamas at the grocery store has never been so much fun. (Also I suspect that was probably why Mona Lisa smiles ever so slyly. She was actually wearing jammies under her Renaissance abaya, and Leonardo da Vinci was none the wiser.)

You mean you don't own one of these? How strange...
You mean you don’t own one of these? How strange…

2. Fashionista Always

In the West, have you ever encountered another Muslimah sporting the exact same abaya with the exact same hijab as you? Yeah, me neither. Feel like you are wearing couture, and laugh as you walk past the GAP -then turn around and walk in because you see they have cute scarves.

Avoid this look

Avoid this look

1. Prevents Blushing

I don’t have to worry about my shirt riding up, or any other bits of me being exposed without my knowledge (especially when I have to perform salah/prayer). I equate this with more comfort and I find it hard to ever say no to comfort (Hey, Comfort … call me …).

Sure it is tempting to follow Western trends, just make sure you are comfortable both physically and spiritually with whatever you grab from your closet (or … um … from the laundry basket).

Whenever in doubt, break the abaya out.



Has your abaya ever saved the day? Tell us about your favorite one below!

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3 thoughts on “Top 5 Reasons Why Abayas are Awesome

  1. I have to say, I have found this to be soo true about abayas! They really are the perfect garment, especially in a pinch.

    I love the aab and shukr lines, but eastessence is the most economical for the budget conscious Muslimah. Have you checked out Ummah Couture? They have GORGEOUS caftans and just came out with an abaya line. I’m a bit too tall for them, but if you wear a 58 they’re stunning.

    Be well!


    1. Thanks for the advice- I will have to check them out. I am a bit too tall as well. If you are 5’7 or over then there is usually too much ankle for it to look like a proper abaya lol.


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